US to Australia: Dispatches from the conservative frontline

US to Australia: Dispatches from the conservative frontline, by Kerry Wakefield. Kerry lived in Manhattan for the last three years, witnessing the start of the Trump revolution first hand. Now she has returned to Australia, and blogs at Tip of the Spear.

Here in Australia, the sounds of cultural warfare are far dimmer, and there is little appreciation of the depths of what is unfolding in Europe and the US. It is as if we are some miles behind the battlelines, watching occasional explosions on the horizon but assuming that life in our little hamlet will go on as usual.

The galvanising issues of the day — immigration, race and identity politics, globalisation vs nationalism, elites vs outsiders, culture wars, Islam — arrive, but are seen through the largely Leftist lens of our mainstream media. …

I have yet to meet an ABC/Fairfax media consumer who has a good word to say for Trump, yet 63 million Americans voted for him, the US economy is booming and he has record 90 per cent approval ratings from Republicans. ABC and Fairfax consumers see him as a cartoon-like figure, worthy only of derision, and soon to be upended by Mueller’s Russian collusion inquiry. …

Subjects that I assume to be common knowledge turn out to be mysterious conversation-stoppers to my Aussie friends and family. The day that UK right-wing activist Tommy Robinson was arrested outside Leeds court and jailed within five hours, I mentioned it to two relatives, both professional women. I didn’t expect them to know of Robinson, which they didn’t, but I tried to explain the issue by referring to Rotherham, which I did expect them to know about. ‘What’s Rotherham?’ They knew nothing of the largely Pakistani child sex grooming gangs with which that UK town is now forever associated. My leftist 30-year-old relative postulated that it was fake news. She checked her friends; none of them knew about it either. After investigating the issue online and realising its enormity, she said innocently: ‘It just doesn’t seem to have been reported much here.’ Which was exactly the point.

Rotherham is the UK town of organised child sex grooming gangs, where some 1,400 girls as young as 11 were abused, raped and sexually trafficked over more than two decades. Some died. Worse, officialdom turned a blind eye, in part because of fear of seeming racist since many of the alleged offenders were either Pakistani and/or Muslim.

Type Rotherham into Google and up come over 16 million entries. Do the same on the ABC website and you get around 70 entries ….

Migrant crime is an issue the Left downplays, here and in Europe, because they lean towards open borders and cultural relativism. At some point in the ABC’s editorial chain, decisions were made not to prioritise reporting of this story.

Control content, and you can largely control people’s opinions. It is not just bias in the presentation of issues that matters, but the stories that do get told and those that are ignored.

Read it all. There is probably no article that better explains why the Wentworth Report exists.