The Battle of Wills Between the Sexes

The Battle of Wills Between the Sexes, by Christopher DeGroot.

Today American men are hardly men in the old sense of the word. Rather, most of them will yield to the whims and demands of the fair sex irrespective of considerations of justice and context. In this blind paternalism men are, of course, very well-meaning, but they are also very weak, and their submission is contrary to their own interests. Worst of all, it is destructive to the state itself. …

Women now exert an evident psychological dominance over men, most of whom, alas, appear not to even realize it. Just as a woman must be believed period, so what is considered legitimate intellectual inquiry is more and more determined by what women will not find emotionally distressing. Here too we find them living up to the most predictable of stereotypes. …

Women in universities have only to gripe about a lack of “gender parity” in order to promptly receive hiring quotas in their favor. Women are likewise promoted to lucrative administrative positions because they are women. It is the same throughout media and the arts, Hollywood and the corporate world: Women demand equality, regardless of merit and workload, and time and time again men comply.

But in all this “progress” women, as a whole, have shown neither the ability nor the desire to perform equal to men; and it is a sign of the times, and of just how perverse is their social conditioning, that even most men would probably consider that last sentence to be “sexist,” although it is meant only as an empirical description.

Nor need women bother to actually achieve equality, because their psychological power over men is so strong that the latter are quite willing to accept (in practice if not in belief) the premise, however false, that unequal outcomes signify discrimination by definition.

Constant and pathetic, the male submission we see today is unprecedented in history, and an ominous sign of how far our culture has fallen. Whether people can or will allow themselves to perceive it, the battle of wills between the sexes is a very real, and increasingly grave, problem. Nor will it go away because of ignorance and fear.

Such male submission, it should go without saying, is not attractive to women, for what they want is a man whom they cannot bend to their will. As I have written, like foreign nations, women respect nothing so much as superior power. So Nature Herself has made them, nor can cant about “rights” and “gender equality” change that.

It is certainly the case that since women have started voting the state has come to provide much of what husbands used to provide, and the welfare state has expanded unsustainably. If society is indeed enfeebled, a stronger rising power might push us aside.