Coalition launches bid to protect gay children in Australia

Coalition launches bid to protect gay children in Australia, by Geoff Chambers.

Scott Morrison will move to ­legislate protections for gay and trans students and ensure non-state schools do not expel them on the “basis of their sexuality”.

Ahead of a crucial by-election in Wentworth, which has one of the largest LGBTI communities in Australia, the Prime Minister will today announce changes to laws introduced under Julia Gillard in 2013 to offer more protections for gay students against discrimination.

Mr Morrison told The Weekend Australian that “misrepresentations” of proposals outlined in the Ruddock review into religious freedom, which supported strengthening protections for students, had created “unnecessary confusion and anxiety for parents and students”. …

Ahead of Mr Morrison’s announcement, Bill Shorten last night wrote to the Prime Minister offering Labor’s support to pass a bill to amend the Sex Discrimin­ation Act and remove exemptions that allow religious schools to “discriminate against children on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity”.

Well that was quick. The left started applying pressure, and Morrison hopped into line. It would appear that home schooling is now the only way to escape progressive sexual values or adhere to traditional biblical values.

Private schools have to follow the government’s line on values and curriculum because they accept government money. Private, but certainly not independent — almost the same as government schools in many respects, just with a price barrier to get in.

hat-tip Stephen Neil