Mainstream media and establishment fail again: Massive support for Tommy Robinson and the lads in ‘Army Gate’

Mainstream media and establishment fail again: Massive support for Tommy Robinson and the lads in ‘Army Gate’, by Laura Cat.

When Tommy Robinson goes anywhere, he is met with people who thank him, ask for selfies, genuinely love and appreciate all he is doing to fight for our women and children in this country.

So when he was at the motorway services off the M1 and by chance there were four coaches of young army squaddies there who greeted him, he had his photo taken with them. …

Now, these lads are having their own freedoms and rights stripped from them by the very army in which they serve. The army has officially put all of the pictured soldiers under investigation.

They have seized all of their phones. Family members of the soldiers have spoken with Tommy about their now being unable to even communicate with the soldiers.

Meanwhile, condemnation of the photo and video and a call for the investigation comes down from the Muslim Council of Britain, whose second in command signed a declaration saying the UK military are legitimate targets for suicide bombers. …

According to Major General Rupert Jones, ”The British Army is absolutely clear that we do not tolerate extremist views and we don’t tolerate extremist behaviour. …

The mainstream media and the army making statements regarding Tommy Robinson as though it is fact, when in truth, it is fiction. Tommy has never been criminally charged or investigated or arrested for extremism ever.

The military’s excuse of embracing diversity in the military and to not support extremist views has genuinely backfired. Hundreds and thousands of soldiers, their families, and a rapidly growing international support base have stepped up. …

I am being contacted by hundreds of Army lads all standing behind Soldier X. I am telling them to cover the face and they do not want to. They said and I quote “If they discharge Soldier X they can discharge us all!”
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As Tommy says, the military are the ones politicising this, not the lads, not him. The government isn’t listening. It shouldn’t be considered an extremist view to be opposed to the rape and murder of British men, women and children, by a religious ideology called Islam.

The “extremists” are the ruling class at the top, a minority forcing their view and population replacement polices on the majority.