Leftist dons poisoning a generation of students

Leftist dons poisoning a generation of students, by Augusto Zimmerman.

Of course, Australian universities are legally obliged to protect free speech and freedom of expression. They are legislatively bound to meet a range of criteria in exchange for federal funding.

Universities used to be cultural institutions that preserved the great works and traditions of Western civilisation, including rationality and scepticism. They have traditionally been crucial to the growth of individual rights, respect for the rule of law and scientific progress.

Unfortunately, most of our universities have abandoned these noble goals and instruct their students to abandon them as well. As these universities lose respect for intellect, this attitude spreads not only to our campuses but also to the society at large. …

Miseducation is rife:

Law professor James Allan has said Australian academics, especially in the arts and social sciences, “lean massively to the left side of politics” and have a ­hatred for anything “right-wing” or potentially deemed supportive of Western civilisation.

Feminism, multiculturalism and postmodernism are all variants of left-wing ideology that ­divert public resources from real education and effectively mis­educate the students.

Miseducation on such a scale is considerably worse than no education. The conscience and natural reason of these poor students are encrusted and distorted by the politically correct teachings of such ideologues.

Indeed, there are lecturers who see themselves as political activists whose teaching approach is to convert students to their ideology. The result is that intellectual rigour suffers and grades can be inflated so long as the students submissively accept this level of indoctrination.

Who, us?

Of course, the academic elite will deny there is any such problem. They will defend the status quo and claim there is no such thing as political correctness on our campuses.

In this context, conservatives are always referred as extreme or right-wing to distinguish them from the radicals of the Left who, we are to understand, are people who bravely fight against our “corrupt and oppressive society”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil