Freedom of political thought is being shut down as extremism in Britain

Freedom of political thought is being shut down as extremism in Britain, by Janice Atkinson.

The establishment has decided that if you stand up for free speech, controlled immigration, oppose Radical Islam, question certain aspects of Islam, question the transgenderization of our children, or you’re pro-Brexit and want to preserve our culture, heritage, identity and rule of law, you are branded an extremist or far right. …

“Far right” is their code for “non-PC.” It also indicates they are to be ignored.

The BBC is required to be impartial as set out in rules by a Royal Charter. Yet week after week they determine what kind of Brexit debate we are going to have on their airwaves; they determine who is far right; show their hatred of Trump and deliberately misrepresent the views of ordinary people because they are infected by a liberal Left bias that has been endemic in the institution for decades.

They justify not inviting pro-Brexit people to speak because they believe that as the government’s view is to Leave, every Conservative voice is a pro-Brexit voice. What perverse logic.

When they define people as far right and are then asked to define what far right actually means, they cannot.

Two weeks ago [Sky News] interviewed Tommy Robinson. Unbeknown to them, he secretly recorded the interview. They deliberately mis-quoted Tommy by cutting off sentences to convey him as a Muslim hater. That is so far from the truth and had they bothered to discuss his campaigns on extremism and the sexual exploitation of young girls, that would have been exposing them and the inconvenient truth of their scapegoating.

Gerard Batten, leader of Ukip, who was asked by SKY to comment on the Army situation and Tommy Robinson, said: “I am not keen to do it … they just want me to smear Tommy Robinson as far right and me too by implication … so no, I don’t need to assist your propaganda campaign.”

I turn down media all the time because I am not prepared to have words put into my mouth, when the interviewer starts … ‘you think this’, ‘you are saying’, ‘you believe’ where you spend most of the few minutes allotted to the interview arguing with the reporter rather than stating what you actually believe. This is a deliberate ploy to undermine and smear us. …

How did this climate of extreme leftward bias arise?

Who asked us whether we agreed to this agenda? It has been imposed upon us by stealth, partly due to the de-toxification of the Tory party, the extremists that have taken over the Labour party, the EU, the UN and the very loud minorities that are funded by outside and undemocratic forces like Soros, who lobby vociferously, to get politicians to cave in or become frightened to question their pernicious and dangerous views, thereby they become law. …

Our schools are dominated by left group think. Anyone who expresses support for Ukip, Brexit or Tommy Robinson is named, shamed and made to resign. Who is questioning the Marxist extremists educating our children?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific