Political Polarization, 1994-2017

US Political Polarization, 1994-2017, by Pew Research.

The left changed direction in about 1990, from championing the working class to deploring the working class and adopting identity politics. For decades politics had been about persuading the middle voter towards your side. Here are the shifts for the general public:

Then the whole PC fantasy world emerged with the help of an increasingly left-biased media and internet silos, becoming ever more divorced from reality. Polarization began, between those who believed most of the PC narrative and those who didn’t:

Then after Hillary was “cheated” of her progressive triumph at the beginning of the demographically-driven progressive era, hate and polarization really took off — driven by ends-justify-the-means fury and the lust for power:

For the politically engaged, there is almost no middle ground any more:

Notice how extreme the politically-engaged left has become in their positions. What will happens if they get back into power?

Once this sort of polarization sets in, it is difficult to get out of without major social change.

Needless to say, these trends are echoed right around the western world.