Ceasefire time in the war on men

Ceasefire time in the war on men, by Gemma Tognini.

There’s a war being waged against men. … Grubby, dishonest and destructive. A war without cause and without honour (as are many) and in this case, driven by a particularly strong thirst for blood. It is vengeance fuelled and focused. This war doesn’t care who it discredits and, in terms of reputation, disembowels. Why? Because, feelings. …

What the world has watched play out over the past couple of months was a powerful and, granted, extreme example of this war, the primary weapon in which is demonising men about everything and for everything. It can’t be dismissed as falling into the bucket of “only in America” — the rot has taken root here, like larvae squirming their way through rotten fruit.

You can see it in every attempt to dismiss a male perspective. In the attempt to normalise the denial of natural justice over serious allegations such as rape and abuse — where a woman can make any claim she likes about a man and expect to be believed solely because she is a woman.

It’s in every move to sideline a man from career advancement just because he’s a man. It’s in the flawed view that gender parity on boards and in Parliament means the best people are in place.

Stacks of men I speak to feel afraid to have a view. Afraid of looking the wrong way. Saying the wrong thing. Of being accused of doing something they didn’t. You might argue that if they’re innocent, what’s to fear? Lots, when facts don’t matter. If I were a bloke, I’d be nervous too.

Perhaps most shameful is the dishonesty with which attempts are made to justify this terrible anti-man fest.

We’re doing it for our daughters. For the next generation of women. To show them what strength looks like.

Lies and more lies.

All it shows is that among these self-appointed, lady-soldiers of virtue, facts don’t matter. All you need is rage, offence, a screaming mob and a hat shaped like a vagina. …

I tell you one thing, I’ll resist. Because every person — woman and man — deserves the presumption of innocence. Because I know that waging war on men will never address or redress wrongs of the past. We’re doomed unless we walk together.

It’s time for a ceasefire.

hat-tip Katerina