Yes, Women Can Lie

Yes, Women Can Lie, by David Cole. US footballer Brian Banks spent five years in prison for rape, based solely on the word of a woman. Later, the woman admitted the accusation was totally false. There is even a Hollywood movie made about the episode, but it gets no press coverage:

If you haven’t heard of the Brian Banks film, there’s a reason. No one in the media is talking about it. Remember all the hype surrounding Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman and Jordan Peele’s Get Out? Those movies were played up ceaselessly in the press because, we were told, they’re movies “America needs to see right now.” But in the case of the Banks film … But to release it during the friggin’ Kavanaugh confirmation hearings was a stake through its celluloid heart.

Then we get to the heart of the matter, reality versus PC fantasy:

Leftism is, and has always been, about trying to persuade the general public to accept as truth things that are objectively false, from Marxist economics (“It works even though it never has”) to the New Soviet Man (“We can breed selfishness out of the human character”) to Lysenkoism (“Genes are a myth!”).

In current times, we should have shut that shit down the minute leftists told us that asthma inhalers were a greater threat to the polar icecaps than the private jets of millionaires (let’s not forget that the CFC inhaler ban was passed under George W. Bush…another example of Republicans going along with leftist insanity so as not to be slammed as Hitlers by the people who slam us as Hitlers anyway).

And now, it’s become a litmus test that to not be condemned as a Hitler, one must accept that a man who thinks he’s a woman “on the inside” is actually a full-fledged biological woman. That’s what the left does. Like cult leaders, leftists are not content to believe their own nonsense. They must force you to believe it, too.

Because that’s how you know you’ve broken someone, that’s how you know you can bend them to your will…when you can persuade them to see what isn’t there, and accept as truth that which is objectively false.

And today, the left is demanding fealty to the notion that women don’t lie about sexual assault. We know that’s untrue. The facts conclusively show that it’s untrue. As much as anything on earth, it’s an objective truth that women can lie about sexual assault. It doesn’t mean they always do, it doesn’t mean they often do, and it doesn’t mean that rape isn’t a real and vile crime. But women can lie. It does happen….

The history of the left has been one of testing what they can get away with, how far we’ll allow ourselves to be bullied into seeing up as down and night as day. We laid down for the asthma-inhaler ban, and let’s not underplay the importance of that, because it showed that we were willing to acquiesce to leftist myths even at the risk of human lives (the lives of asthmatics).

And now we’re being browbeaten into agreeing that a man in a dress is a woman who should be allowed to use female-only bathrooms and locker rooms. We stand by impotently as scholarly papers challenging tranny orthodoxy are censored and scientists and academics silenced. Because if we speak what we know to be true, we will also be silenced. So we let it happen. We let the cult leaders dictate the terms of reality.

Which brings us to the newest tribute the left is demanding we pay to unreason: “Women don’t lie.” Deep down, we all know that isn’t true. So this new orthodoxy must be enforced by intimidation (like accosting people in elevators) and suppression of all information that proves the myth wrong (like the Banks film).