Taylor Swift Gets ‘Political’

Taylor Swift Gets ‘Political’, by Roger Simon.

When are entertainers going to realize we don’t give a hoot about their political opinions, in fact are repelled by them?  We only care if they can dance, sing, and act.  Years ago Laura Ingraham wrote a book titled Shut Up and Sing.  She had it about right. …

In all my years as a Hollywood screenwriter, for most of which I was on the left, I rarely heard anything from anybody that made me think about or change an opinion. Maybe that’s my fault, but I doubt it. They were too busy talking about their deals — cinematic and pharmaceutical.

The truth is, these days, entertainers are for the most part the biggest conformists around. The fragility of their occupations, the fear of audience fickleness, promotes group think. Very few wander off the reservation. This is exacerbated by the fact that they deal largely in emotion for their work, not so much in rational thought.

The latest entertainer to signal her political correctness is the formerly discreet Taylor Swift, who posted her support for Democrat Phil Bredesen in the Tennessee senatorial race on — where else — Instagram. Apparently, Bredesen’s opponent, Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, “appalls and terrifies” her.

Say what? … (As I said, these entertainers tend to get emotional. Charlie Kirk claims she didn’t even write the post herself — he could be right. It certainly doesn’t sound like her, more like the words of a political pro.) …

I realize my recent support for Kanye West, obviously also an entertainer, makes me seem a bit hypocritical here. I acknowledge that. But Kanye is not part of a pack — far from it — and in that sense is the exception that proves the rule. Anyone willing to go on SNL and espouse support for Trump deserves plaudits for fearlessness alone. Swift is just another sing along to get along.