How We Will Know When Global Warming Is Over

How We Will Know When Global Warming Is Over, by David Archibald.

The world hasn’t warmed as much as some predicted it would. The little bit of warming that has occurred in our lifetimes is easily explained by the increased solar magnetic field strength that we have lived through, relative to the experience of prior generations. …

But how long will we have to endure the wailing and inanities of the global warmers? What would help is a break in the slight uptrend in the temperature record. Now that HadCRUT has been discredited we are left the UAH satellite record from Dr Roy Spencer. The satellites have been up for almost 40 years. What can be divined from their record is shown in the following figure:



The green line is the lower bound of the satellite temperature record. Five points establish that line. The chance of this being a random happenstance is infinitesimally small. Perhaps the lower bound is caused by a negative feedback established by Richard Lindzen’s iris effect. The upper bound, shown by the orange line, is penetrated by large El Nino events. Our current climatic uptrend channel is 0.8°C wide and rising at 0.1°C per decade. The result for September 2018 was 0.3°C above the lower bound.