Winners and Losers of the Kavanaugh Confirmation

Winners and Losers of the Kavanaugh Confirmation, by Nick Nolte.

I lived through the Clarence Thomas Wars, the Sarah Palin Wars, the public destruction of John McCain and Mitt Romney… This was different. This was murder — the first-degree, cold-blooded murder of a man’s reputation, his young family, and his entire future using the Soviet-style revolutionary tactics of vile lies in pursuit of power.

This was a leftist mob backed by the billions of corporate dollars that flow through CNN, NBC, etc., throwing an innocent man, his wife, and traumatized young daughters into a volcano as a sacrifice to the cause, as a means to appease the hysterics stalking the halls of the Senate screaming, “Witch! WITCH! WIIIIIIITCH!!!!!!!!!”

Democrats and the media were not even interested in convincing us Kavanaugh had done something wrong. Their only goal was to make him so personally toxic, his guilt or innocence no longer mattered. And the only word for that is demonic. …

Winners include:

The Rule of Law

Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

His raw testimony was not only a turning point for Kavanaugh when things looked darkest (in the immediate wake of Ford’s testimony), it was a catharsis for those of us who had spent a week being force-fed bitter lies and injustice. …

President Donald J. Trump

President Trump showed enormous character where no one else would have.

Let me repeat that word… Character. …

Who would have predicted it?

Anyway, more winners:

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

From the sound of it, Collins probably would have voted “no” without the FBI report.

But look at the country… only 37 percent said they wanted Kavanaugh confirmed, but that number jumps to 60 percent if the FBI investigation comes back clean… as it did.

Flake said he believed it was good for the country to wait a week, and he was 100 percent correct. What’s more, that week was of enormous help to further proving Kavanaugh’s innocence because all the new information came out in his favor, and there was a lot of it.

This left the monstrous media sputtering about virginity and farting, which again seemed to only piss Susan Collins off all the more.

Had Kavanaugh won confirmation last week, it would have looked rigged and unjust to a lot of people.

Jeff Flake was not only right, he did a courageous thing. …

The Federalist Society

They found a man so qualified, only a witch hunt could bring him down.

They found a man so decent, the witch hunt failed. …

The losers include:

The Organized Left

When you read about things like the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, and blacklists, you assume we are too well educated, mature, and ashamed of this history to ever repeat it. Well, repeat it we did, and now, after pouring all their hopes, dreams, schemes, hate, rage, integrity, endless hours of work, and piles of money into this cause, these godless fuckers lost… and like the vampires they are, the sunlight of decency has them hissing and howling and writhing in a state of complete shock because their own arrogance and provincialism assured them it could never happen. …

Rage on, you simple-minded swarm of spoiled sheep, your tactics not only no longer work — they backfired spectacularly.


Because nothing they held most dear — open borders, gay marriage, abortion, etc. — was able to win at the ballot box, they abused the courts to force their agenda down our throats.

The days of transforming our country through judicial activism are over, and that is a catastrophe for the left. …


Now that decent people know that the left and media are willing to exploit and pervert what had been a just cause into an obscenity against people who are guilty only of holding “incorrect” beliefs, #MeToo will never be what it was, not even close, and that is a shame.

The Matriarchy

I am not arguing The Patriarchy is perfect, but we have just spent 18 days living inside The Matriarchy only to discover it is a circle of hell built on a foundation of nightmares — of shrill injustice led by mindless mobs cheered on by brown-nosers like Jake Tapper who conceal their bullying behind “virtue” as they proclaim we’ve “heard enough from men.”

Overall, I cannot think of a worse three weeks for those who wish to put an end to the stereotype about women being spiteful, driven by emotion, and lacking in reason.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific