Kavanaugh: What Have We Learned?

Kavanaugh: What Have We Learned? By Jim Treacher.

Most of the media is actively working for the Democrats.

If I had any doubt about this, it was completely erased by the events of the past month. The only way any of it makes sense is if the press is eagerly doing the will of the Democrats.

Are the Dems accusing a Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault, and even gang rape? Well then, the press will proceed under that assumption. They already know the accused is guilty, no matter how insane the accusation, so they’ll dig up facts to match the theory. And if they can’t find facts? Any facts at all? Well then, they’ll just weave together rumor and conjecture until they hit their word count. …

The Democrats have no ideas, no principles, just tactics.

Dems are angry, vindictive, and violent.

Republicans are getting death threats, and now they’re even getting ricin in the mail. They’re being doxed. Dems are screaming at them in elevators and hounding them whenever they go out in public.

All these intimidation tactics are happening barely a year after a Bernie Bro tried to assassinate Republicans at baseball practice and almost murdered Steve Scalise.

The Democrats cheer on this behavior, and the media makes excuses for it. …

The more loudly the Democrats claim to care about victims, the less they actually do.

Right now I’m politically homeless. I don’t like or trust the Republicans any more than the Democrats. But if the Dems wanted to woo a RINO cuck NeverTrump traitor like me, they screwed up for the last time. I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live. Not after seeing how they smeared the name of an innocent man because they saw him as a threat to their power. The Republicans were the only ones fighting for American principles here. If I’m ever tempted to vote Dem, I’ll just remember what they did to Brett Kavanaugh. I’ll remember how they exploited victims of sexual assault for the basest of political purposes. …

It’s going to be amazing to watch the 180-degree turn when Amy Coney Barrett is nominated. Then we’ll see how much the Democrats really respect women.