Harvard Law School professor responds to the Brett Kavanaugh catastrophe

Harvard Law School professor responds to the Brett Kavanaugh catastrophe, by Philip Greenspun.

Here’s a Facebook post from a friend with a tenured humanities professorship … my [Harvard] law prof friend Bruce Hay:

Stop despairing. When we take back control of Congress and the White House we can increase the number of judgeships at all levels of the federal judiciary, to offset the rump appointments of this Putin-puppet regime.

That sounds like a crazy idea now. It won’t in a year or two.

It’s the only way to restore some semblance of democracy to a country ruled by a corrupt oligarchy bent on using the courts to entrench itself. …

PC fantasy world! What an indictment of the professor for not having more sense of how the world works or diversifying his “news” sources, or of the US media. Really, Trump’s presidency is a “Putin-puppet regime”?

What are ordinary folks (not law school professors) saying on Facebook? Here are a few from my feed:

… while this moral circus plunges American politics to new lows, climate change and global biodiversity loss during this critical moment continued to be thrust into the background. Honestly, at what point should there be a revolt? How bad do things need to get??

Maybe this is the final insult, after decades (centuries!) of injustice that wakes enough people up to the reality of how we are living? … maybe, finally enough people will begin to understand that the system is rigged, that injustice is built in, and that you have to take greedy, power hungry fossil fools at their word, and hence they need to be dethroned, not empowered! Down with Kavanaugh, down with Trump, down with every single senator who votes yes for this travesty, and let’s go elect ourselves a brand new congress next month!

We are doomed… I have lost all faith. More really bad stuff is on the way.

Always the touchstone of climate change, the issue that the left see as their credential to run the planet. Won’t they be disappointed to find out that the carbon dioxide theory of global warming is due to a modeling error from the 1960s? I suspect they won’t want to hear that they should have done some due diligence first…

hat-tip Matthew