Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation isn’t democracy. It’s a judicial coup

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation isn’t democracy. It’s a judicial coup. By Richard Wolff over at the very PC Guardian. He is unhappy, and it’s interesting to his projection.

For all the justified outrage about sexual assault, involving allegations that Kavanaugh denied, the new supreme court justice represents an even bigger lie than his mindless fabrications about “ralphing” and “boofing”. He can blame his weak stomach if he likes; the rest of us are heaving at the sight of a generation-long confidence trick suckering an entire democracy. …

“Judges make decisions based on law, not on policy, not based on political pressure, not based on the identity of the parties,” said Deb Fischer, the Nebraska Republican who quoted liberally from Kavanaugh himself.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who has been awake and conscious for the last several decades of a campaign to stack the courts with conservative ideologues. …

Ah yes, “strict constructionists.” Them’s fancy words for conservative ideologues who get jobs as judges. …

This is the polar opposite of an impartial, apolitical judiciary. And it’s why McConnell has no shame in talking about a project of like-minded political hacks, re-tooling the judiciary for political purposes far beyond their elected terms. Whatever this is, it isn’t democracy.

Ummm, which side of politics has made the US Supreme Court into a House of Lords and used it to create legislation by reading all sorts of imagined interpretations into the US Constitution? Were those left wing or right wing causes that came into force due to the Supreme Court?

Isn’t the “coup” the capture of the Court for the last five decades by the left to effectively make laws that they could not pass by the voting of the citizens or their representatives?

To justify this judicial coup over the last several weeks and decades, the entire Republican party needed to engage in extensive doublespeak.

It was the Democrats who were playing politics with the supreme court, trying to delay the Kavanaugh nomination until the elections. …

Brett Kavanaugh was the victim of a political assault, while the victim of the sexual assault – Dr Christine Blasey Ford – was part of a conspiracy of aggressors….

Back to serious:

A sham it certainly was. The FBI background check into Kavanaugh was so heavily curtailed by the Trump White House that it served as a cover-up: a fig leaf to protect vulnerable senators from embarrassment. …

Of course, the curious case of Brett Kavanaugh is the perfect emblem for the politics of Trump, where the real victims of racism and sexism are old white men with a predilection for sexual harassment, assault and infidelity. It has been literally awesome to hear all about the presumption of innocence from the party that still chants “lock her up” at presidential rallies.

Weak. Just fulminating (the article had the usual name calling, omitted here).

hat-tip Matthew