Migrant cuts throat of Swedish student and stabs him 13 times – brags to friends about it

Migrant cuts throat of Swedish student and stabs him 13 times – brags to friends about it. By Emma R.

Last week the Umeå District Court sentenced Sudanese/Egyptian Suleman Suleman to 17 years in prison for a brutal murder on 27 April this year.

A student was murdered with thirteen stab wounds and also had his throat cut. The man bled to death in his apartment. “I would have done it again”, the killer bragged to his friends.

Suleman is described as a violent career criminal. In several cases, however, he has not received any prison sentences – courts have judged that “an ambitious treatment” is needed instead of imprisonment.

The day of the murder 30-year-old Suleman and a friend went to 28-year-old student Albin’s apartment to buy drugs from him. …

In 2007 [Suleman ] was convicted for the first time – for car theft.

Then a long series of crimes followed – 23 in total. Several crimes have obvious violent elements – for example, when he robbed and threatened to kill two young Swedes in Gothenburg 2011.

On another occasion the same year, he and his friends assaulted a Swedish youth on the commuter train from Alingsås to Gothenburg. The brawl started when Suleman urinated on the floor in the train. The youth confronted him about it, and was severely beaten – with among other things a bottle to his head.

The common theme between these cases is that the victims of his robberies and assaults – like Albin – have all been ethnic Swedes.

Multiculturalism in action. He is clearly from a different culture, clearly not assimilated, and clearly contemptuous of his host country’s culture and its native citizens. The media have not mentioned it, but what are the odds he is of Islam — with its supremacist attitude that leads to treating non-Muslims so poorly.

How is this not an indictment of Sweden’s ruling class and its conceit that it is a “humanitarian superpower”? It cannot protect its citizens, but instead deliberately brings in new people who make their lives miserable and shorter.

hat-tip Stephen Neil