6-year-olds forced to write gay ‘love letters’ to teach ‘accepting diversity’

6-year-olds forced to write gay ‘love letters’ to teach ‘accepting diversity’, by Calvin Freiburger.

A primary school in England makes children as young as six write “love letters” inserting themselves into a homosexual fairytale, according to a recent video from BBC Radio Manchester.

At Bewsey Lodge Primary School … teacher Sarah Hopson has her students place themselves in the role of Prince Henry and write a letter asking male servant Thomas to “marry” him.

“This school teaches children about LGBT relationships from an early age,” text over the video explains. “This class of 6 year olds is learning about gay marriage […] all ages take part in LGBT lessons.”

Oh very trendy. Aren’t we clever nowadays? For thousands of years our ancestors never hit upon such an ingenious method for ensuring the survival of our grandchildren and our society.

hat-tip Stephen Neil