Women: Stop Projecting Your Sexual Assault Experiences Onto Every.Damn.Person

Women: Stop Projecting Your Sexual Assault Experiences Onto Every.Damn.Person. By Miranda Morales.

It’s common for sexual assault survivors to feel anger or rage toward a system that seems to protect the perpetrator over the victim, toward institutions they feel should do a better job of protecting women, and toward people who didn’t believe them.

To project that anger or rage onto Brett Kavanuagh, or to anyone supporting his nomination, not only does a disservice to him; it does a disservice to your cause as well (assuming that your cause is to help survivors and not just to #Resist).

Brett Kavanaugh didn’t attack you.

Jeff Flake didn’t attack you.

Members of Congress are not calling you a liar.

Just because you didn’t report your attack for years, doesn’t mean that everyone who reports an attack should automatically be believed.

This can go further. Men are the victims of sexual assault too, by both males and females. But for some mysterious reason the numerous cases of female domestic violence and female sexual assault are never mentioned in the media. It’s about power and identity politics.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific