Now it’s war: Boris Johnson makes pitch to take Theresa May’s job

Now it’s war: Boris Johnson makes pitch to take Theresa May’s job, by Tim Shipman.

Boris Johnson set out his manifesto yesterday for the Tories to win the next election, arguing that the government should stop trying to copy Jeremy Corbyn if it wants to defeat Labour.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the former British foreign secretary questioned whether Prime Minister Theresa May believes in Brexit and branded her Chequers plan “deranged”.

Mr Johnson also called for the government to be “proud” to advance Conservative ideas and far bolder in building houses and infrastructure.

Mr Johnson said Mrs May’s proposal that Britain and the EU should collect each other’s tariffs was “entirely preposterous” and suggested a Brexiteer would get a better deal. “Unlike the Prime Minister, I campaigned for Brexit,” he said. “Unlike the Prime Minister, I fought for this, I believe in it, I think it’s the right thing for our country and I think that what is happening now is, alas, not what people were promised in 2016.”

In a scarcely coded attack on Mrs May’s taste for new regulations and taxes, Mr Johnson said: “I think we need to make the case for markets. I don’t think we should caper insincerely on socialist territory. You can’t beat Corbyn by becoming Corbyn.” …

“The Prime Minister said she is going to serve for as long as her party wants her, and I certainly think she should,” he said.

hat-tip Stephen Neil