A Suggestion for Australian Politics

A Suggestion for Australian Politics, by Mark Latham.

There’s a surprisingly simple way of ending the malaise in Australian politics. Turn off the fast forward button. Everything is happening too quickly: leadership changes, internal party squabbling and a turbo-charged 24/7 media cycle, hungry for publicity stunts and scandals. Everything is on fast forward, except the thing that would actually help the Australian people: policy changes in immigration, education, energy, and human rights law.

Australia has entered an era of complacency. GDP has grown, notionally, for 27 consecutive years but two-thirds of annual growth now comes from Big Australia immigration, bringing extra people, their assets and bank accounts into the country. It’s a crude, simplistic, unproductive policy that does nothing to increase GDP per capita. The nation has the appearance of being better off while, in reality, people are struggling with sluggish wages growth, unaffordable housing and overcrowded cities – three by-products of big immigration.

hat-tip Stephen Neil