Conservatives Don’t Get to Mourn

Conservatives Don’t Get to Mourn, by Karol Markowicz.

In the aftermath of terrible events, there are calls for unity. For Republicans, it’s always except you.

CNN’s Jim Acosta caught in the act

After every horrible mass shooting, when we should be mourning together, looking for solutions to stop future attacks, consoling the families of the victims, there’s an immediate rush to make sure conservatives know they do not belong to that wider American community feeling the pain.

Worse, there’s a constant allusion to the fact that those on the right are responsible for the slaughter. Republicans spend the time following these attacks not in mourning like they should be but beating back the sickening idea that they inspired the shooter. …

The message is always: You’re not part of this. We’re upset and we’re angry. You don’t have a right to be. …

Those on the left purposely pushing their political agenda in moments of national grief should be held accountable. Their divisiveness stops us from healing after tragedies. Political shots shouldn’t be worth it.

Again, this calumny would not be possible except that the left own the media. Think of it as a byproduct of a biased media monopoly.

If they didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all. By Liz Shields.

Those of us who are not in the #resistance are getting lectured on toning down our rhetoric from left-wing hysterics shouting all kinds of slanderous and intemperate accusations. …

So I am supposed to believe that calling Trump supporters Nazis, white supremacists, sexists, and homophobes is just the right thing to do but Trump’s rhetoric is pouring gasoline on a burning fire of crazy activists? Or perhaps violence in the name of the leftist agenda is just fine? I think that’s it. …

You want hate? You spend two years calling a guy Hitler, a racist, a traitor, and insane — then you blame him for violence cuz.. of nicknames?

Why the Left Hates Prosperity

Why the Left Hates Prosperity, by Stephen Moore.

The better the economy performs under President Donald Trump and the more successes he racks up, the more unhinged the left becomes. It’s a near linear relationship. And it goes for media as well. …

Trump isn’t the cut from the same cloth as the same old GOP losers:

Consider the latest leftist rant: Trump has moved the GOP to the far right and has hijacked the principles of the Republican Party. Whatever happened, they ask, to the good ol’ days when moderates in the GOP used to compromise, cut deals with Ted Kennedy and capitulate?

Liberals want a return to the days when the GOP’s standard bearers were people like George H.W. Bush, Bob Michel, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and most recently, John Kasich.

Think. What do all these Republicans have in common? Losing. …

Trump wins:

What infuriates Trump haters is that he figured out how to win over tens of millions of disaffected working-class voters with an unapologetic “America First” platform. These voters abandoned the union leaders and the party of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders in favor of an agenda of better trade deals, border enforcement, lower taxes, less regulation and more coal, oil and gas jobs.

Trump found the fault line in the Democratic coalition and exploited it like the bombing of Dresden. He persuaded blue-collar workers that they have nothing in common with people like Tom Steyer, radical environmentalists who have taken over the reins of the Democratic Party and want to destroy manufacturing, mining and energy jobs as a sacrifice to the gods of global warming.

Because Trump has taken on the left’s sacred cows of political correctness, victimization, open borders and racial preferences, he’s labeled a racist, xenophobic, lslamophobic woman-hater. …

According to a Quinnipiac poll, 7 of 10 voters rate the economy as good or great. Liberals are doubly angry and frustrated because they were so sure he would fail.

The left loves nursing grievances, both theirs and others.

hat-tip Barry Corke

Whopping 62 percent of US jobs don’t support middle-class life after accounting for cost of living

Whopping 62 percent of US jobs don’t support middle-class life after accounting for cost of living, by Paul Davidson.

Esther Akutekha, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, has a good job as a public relations specialist that pays more than $50,000 a year.

But because of the $1,440 a month rent on her studio apartment in the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens neighborhood, she never takes vacations, dines out just once a month and scrapes together dinner leftovers for lunch the next day.

“I’m frustrated with the fact that I’m not going to be able to save anything because my rent is so high,” says Akutekha, who says she’s 30ish. “I don’t even know if I can afford” to have children.

Despite an unemployment rate that has reached a 50-year low of 3.7 percent, most jobs across the U.S. don’t support a middle-class or better lifestyle, leaving many Americans struggling, according to a new study.

Sixty-two percent of jobs fall short of that middle-class standard when factoring in both wages and the cost of living in the metro area where the job is located, according to the study by Third Way, a think tank that advocates center-left ideas.

What effect do 22 million illegal immigrants have on US labor prices? Obviously they drag down wages for the lower two thirds. Hmmm.

Ramsay enemies becoming curiouser and curiouser

Ramsay enemies becoming curiouser and curiouser, by Janet Albrechtsen.

On Monday night I went to my alma mater, the University of Sydney, to listen to a group of academics deliver the case against a course on Western civilisation funded by the Ramsay Centre. …

A young woman of indigenous heritage kicked off the evening by telling us we were meeting on stolen land, the sandstone blocks bound together with mortar made from the remains of indigenous bodies, surrounded by a university that had made money from indigenous artefacts. The scene was set: white people are bad. This was an evening of self-flagellation that I did not think possible outside some religious cult or a dungeon for S&M. …

John Frow, a professor of English literature, mentioned Pauline Hanson’s motion deploring the rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation. “That motion makes it clear that the notion of Western civilisation has become code for a racially imagined culture under attack from racially imagined others.” …

The Ramsay proposal is “part of the worldwide rise of aggressive racial and cultural supremacism” [said Cambridge, academic Priyamvada Gopal]. …

Shima Shahbazi, another PhD candidate, started by criticising Western aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Then she claimed that “the idea of opening up a centre for Western civilisation or the Western tradition, or whatever, involves violence on so many levels”.

“The Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation is structurally, institutionally, morally and epist­emically violent to other know­ledges,” she said. …

Student Representative Council president Imogen Grant objected because “elite private schools will be funnelling rich, white private school students into a degree that will reignite the idea of empire”. …

Two hours of emotive claims from “gobsmacked” academics delivering a concentrated dose of everything that is wrong with identity politics. White: bad. Western: evil. No learning, no debate, but lots of unshakeable victimhood with words and ideas treated as a form of violence. The only censorship is their attempt to rip academic choice from students. …

And just when I thought I had safely escaped one crazy rabbit hole, I flicked on the TV and ABC’s Q&A flung me back down into another, this time with talk of Shakespeare’s whitesplaining. Mercifully, a small red button on the remote control saved me from more people turning up their nose at Western culture.

Antisemitism and now anti-white racism are being nurtured in taxpayer funded organizations. These are the very people trying to tell us that race is merely a social construct and that Islam is the religion of peace. Consistency and facts are not their strong points, but they are brilliant at wordsmithing and self-deception.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

A Black Book on Jihad

A Black Book on Jihad, by Matthew Hanley.

Anyone genuinely curious about the history of the 20th century has probably heard about the Black Book of Communism, an exhaustive account of the damage Marxist ideology inflicted around the globe. Its authors estimated that Communism claimed the lives of about 100 million people.  That sobering, round figure tends to stick in the mind, even if some seek to explain it away.

Robert Spencer’s new book The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS along with Raymond Ibrahim’s Sword and Scimitar — gives us something akin to the Black Book of Communism. It’s a powerful account of the domineering brutality that Jihad has inflicted near and far, from its bloody 7th century origins to the present day. As Spencer makes abundantly clear to anyone willing to take seriously the facts he summons up, “Islamic piety always underlay the jihad.”  For this reason, he is only too likely to be belittled or scorned.

There is no firm number of total deaths by way of jihad over the centuries. Might it exceed the 100 million mark? It likely approaches that figure in India alone; the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Will Durant argued in 1935 that the “Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.” This is hardly on anyone’s radar, and Spencer fills a major gap in our understanding by detailing what occurred in the subcontinent in all its vivid, revolting detail. …

In the first (8th century) foray, the instructions were as clear as day: kill all the combatants, arrest and imprison their children, and grant protection only to those who submit. Massacres ensued in rapid succession, but killing so many can get exhausting. When the general on the ground, faced with the practical difficulty of mass extermination, started encouraging surrender and granting protection without conversion, his superior back in Iraq was incensed – and sent word: “God said: ‘Give no quarter to infidels but cut their throats. Then you shall know that this is the command of the great God.’”

Our ruling class insist that Islam is the religion of peace. Are they stupid or dishonest, or both? Imagine if they read this book, instead of just listening to their own echo chamber of PC fantasies.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Australia: Muslim cabbie beats atheist with crowbar, leaves him for dead after “harmless discussion about religion”

Australia: Muslim cabbie beats atheist with crowbar, leaves him for dead after “harmless discussion about religion”, by Jack Longstaff.

A Scots backpacker has told how he was “left for dead” in the street after he was brutally attacked by a taxi driver with a crowbar. …

He claims the attack happened after he got out of the car in Melbourne following what he thought was a harmless discussion about religion.

Describing the incident, Euan said: “As I got out of the taxi I just heard footsteps behind me and heard a loud bang. Then I felt this immense pain in my head and I was knocked clean out. I was laid into when I was on the floor. I was left laying there in a pool of blood. He left me for dead.

“I woke up with blood in my eyes and my clothes were soaked. I stumbled into the kitchen and it looked like a murder scene. I had never seen so much blood. My whole body was in agony. I was so scared. I needed 12 stitches on my face and I had a few broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a bleed on the brain. It has totally changed my life forever.” …

He recalls how he and the taxi driver spoke “at length” about the driver’s Muslim background and he became visibly annoyed when Euan said he was an atheist.

Euan, who was working on a farm at the time, argued that religion had “played a part in causing deaths and wars” throughout history.

Architecture student Euan said: “He didn’t like it at all when I started expressing my views. He started to preach his religion on me.

“I argued that science was responsible for evolution rather than religion, which he didn’t like either.

“I tried to change the conversation but he kept going on about it. I could see he was getting wound up.”

He got out of the car expecting the cabbie to drive off when he was smashed over the head and “beaten to a pulp”.

Inter-faith dialogue.

via Jihad Watch.

The Delusions of PC Whites

The Delusions of PC Whites, by CH.

GoodWhites who think they can escape to coastal [liberal metropolises] and live a charmed life in perpetuity free from the “irredeemably foul” BadWhites are fooling themselves.

The bill for replacing White America with Third World America will come due, and it will be enormous.

Payment will be made in one form or another, whether in higher taxes, safety, mental health, freedom of mobility, cost of living, lineage continuity, cultural familiarity, social trust, shared values, basic livability, or aesthetic pleasures.

Minorities are indeed coming for whites, via lifestyle downgrades:

They come for us in myriad ways that make life less enjoyable. They come for our welfare, paid with our taxes. They come for our hospital services, paid with our insurance premiums. They come for our peace of mind, paid for with exorbitant housing costs, home security, and expensive school districts. They come for our vote, by diluting our political voice and forcing us to live under a government that only marginally, if at all, addresses our concerns, and is more often actively hostile to them. They come for our culture, corrupting it to suit their lowbrow preferences. …

A “White nationalist” (as the term is deliberately mis-used by the media) is just a White person who has misgivings about the mass immigration of nonWhites into his homeland. A “White supremacist” (as the term is mis-used by the media) is a White person who dares to object to mass nonWhite immigration. This is how the media Anti-White Hate Machine works: it takes White people with reasonable and justified objections to open borders, and demonizes them as Nazis.

“We Can Replace Them”, by Steve Sailer.

How dare whites feel aggrieved about being replaced? Those bastards, letting themselves get resentful over us replacing them. They deserve what they have coming. We’re not replacing whites because we love power, we are replacing whites because they are hateful. We know they are hateful because of how much they make us hate-filled toward them. If they didn’t flat-out deserve to be hated, we wouldn’t hate them so much. Our boots stamping on their inhuman faces forever is for their own good. …

More seriously, the Immigration Weapon needs to be driven out of American politics. It’s way too tempting to try to use immigration to elect a new people, which in turn sets off a psychologically inevitable chain of thought about how the old people deserve their replacement. Allowing one side to try to win elections through altering the electorate via immigration is like allowing a football team to bring brass knuckles, razor blades, and guns onto the field. We need a national understanding that using immigration to try to win without having to persuade the current voters is not some sacred rite, it’s incredibly destructive to democracy and it should be shunned by all.

What Happens When the Caravan Gets Here?

What Happens When the Caravan Gets Here? By Robert Merry.

The immigration issue is going to tear America apart, and the truly damaging ripping could begin when the caravan of mostly Central American migrants, currently about 7,000 strong and making its way through Mexico at about 40 miles per day, arrives at the U.S. border in 20 days or so. What happens when they get there is difficult to predict, but it could be ugly. The country’s immigration dilemma will almost surely rise to new levels of political passion and rancor.

More than any other issue in America today, the immigration issue is definitional — hinging upon questions of what kind of country America is and what kind of country it is going to be.

Huge numbers of Americans, probably close to half the population, view their government’s mass immigration policies and inability to defend U.S. borders as a threat to America’s old cultural identity, the folkways and mores handed down through generations.

Another large population segment, perhaps also close to half, views mass immigration and hospitable borders as an integral part of the country’s humanitarian heritage and a fundamental element of its definition. …

Trump knows that immigration was the single most significant factor in his election. To maintain good standing with his constituency, he must stop that caravan.

But how? According to news reports, more caravans are forming up in Guatemala and other Central American countries, and the fate of the lead group is widely viewed as guidance for the others on how to proceed. As Father Mauro Verzeletti, a mission director in Guatemala City, told The Wall Street Journal, “This is a massive phenomenon. It has no precedent in the history of Central America.” …

Those wishing to enter the United States have adopted a new approach [to sneaking across the border] — seeking asylum based on professions of persecution in their home countries. The 361-judge immigration court was facing a backlog of 765,000 asylum cases as of September 1, up from just 542,000 at the beginning of the Trump administration. …

The PC pretend there is no problem, because they want the votes and the cheap labor:

Consider just two headlines in two elite newspapers. The New York Times: “Trump Escalates Use of Migration as Election Ploy,” with the sub-headline “Stoking Voters’ Anxiety with Baseless Tale of Ominous Caravan.” And The Washington Post: “For Trump and GOP, a bet on fear, falsehoods.”

These headlines — and many more like them, as well as most of the coverage from the elite media — reflect the reality that many elites simply don’t see a problem here. And anybody who does is violating the norms of political discourse, as established and enforced by the elites. Or at least, the elites sought assiduously to enforce those norms of discourse and largely did — until Trump came along and exposed the profound fault line embedded in the country on this issue. …

A country without borders is not a country, so…

The caravan represents a rebuke to any American claim that its borders are inviolable. A large chunk of the U.S. population accepts the rebuke and says we must welcome these people on humanitarian grounds because they are fleeing wretched conditions in their home countries. Another large chunk says absolutely not, because U.S. acceptance of the rebuke would represent a serious erosion of national sovereignty.

Therein lies America’s immigration dilemma. The caravan isn’t just a caravan. It is a threat to the country’s civic comity, or what’s left of it.

The perfect storm in today’s political climate: virtue signalers proclaiming their compassion (and scoring lots of new left voters and cheapo household help) versus realists who see the survival of their culture, their politics, their wages, and their nation at stake.

Armed Migrants in Caravan Opened Fire on Mexican Cops, Say Authorities, by Ildefonso Ortiz.

Mexican authorities arrested two Hondurans who allegedly shot at federal police officers escorting the migrant caravan across the southern state of Chiapas. The attack follows shortly after government warnings about Molotov cocktail attacks around a second caravan near the border with Guatemala.

Oh great. Some of the invaders are armed, so weapons are needed to stop them. Ugly.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The world’s first humanless warehouse is run only by robots and is a model for the future

The world’s first humanless warehouse is run only by robots and is a model for the future, by Tim Hornyak.

Mujin, a start-up spun out of Tokyo University, has developed robot controllers that can fully automate warehouses and fulfillment centers. …

Mujin turned heads when it showed off its transformation of a warehouse operated by Chinese e-commerce giant The 40,000-sq-m facility in Shanghai began full operations in June. It was equipped with 20 industrial robots that pick, transfer and pack packages using crates on conveyor belts, as well as camera systems and Mujin robot controllers. Other robots carted merchandise around to loading docks and trucks.

Amazon also has invested heavily in automating its fulfillment centers, buying Mass.-based robot company Kiva Systems for $775 million in 2012, but called its facility the world’s first fully automated e-commerce warehouse. Instead of the usual 400 to 500 workers needed to run a warehouse that size, it needs only five. And their job is only to service the machines, not run operations. …

“In the U.S., robot technology is often undervalued and directly compared to the value of human workers, ” said [Mujin’s American co-founder and CTO, Rosen Diankov]. “If you’re going to be competing with that from day one, maybe you have no room to grow quickly. In Japan they have a mindset that values robotics much more, even if it sometimes doesn’t make economic sense. They’re willing to jump into investments into robotics.”

Diankov believes fears of robots taking jobs from people don’t reflect the reality of the workplace.

“Introducing robots creates more jobs, and history has shown that’s been the case,” he said. “Companies that have embraced automation, like Toyota — it’s the biggest car company in the world now.”

After Germany’s Merkel Comes Chaos

After Germany’s Merkel Comes Chaos, by John Rubino.

After a long, initially-successful run promoting European integration and mass immigration, German Chancellor Angela Merkel saw the bottom fall out of her political fortunes this year. This morning she stepped down as leader of the formerly-dominant Christian Democrat party and promised not run again when her term as Chancellor ends in 2021.

Note that in August of 2017 the two least popular parties were the far right Alternative for Germany (blue line) and the far left Greens (green line). In the ensuing 14 or so months AfG’s support rose from single digits to around 17% while the Greens rocketed from the bottom of the pack to 20%.

If you didn’t know what these two parties stood for you might think, “Fine, they’re new and interesting, so let them form a coalition and govern for a while.”

Unfortunately they’re more likely to kill each other in street fights than work together, since the former want closed borders and free markets while the latter want increased regulation and unlimited immigration.

The alternative to an AfG/Green coalition then becomes some combination of the remaining, more centrist (by European standards at least) parties. But the biggest of those parties – Merkel’s Christian Democrats and their coalition partner Social Democrats – are in freefall, precisely because of what they’ve done while in power.

So there appears to be no way to put these puzzle pieces together to produce a stable government. …

The next few years for Europe:

A stable Germany under Merkel’s bland but firm hand has been the only thing holding the European Union and eurozone together. If Germany descends into internal turmoil without a coherent government to push the Italys and Hungarys around, European populists/nationalists will fill the resulting vacuum. Borders will be re-imposed within and without the EU, national government budgets — already above EU deficit limits in many cases — will explode. Already-debilitating debts will keep rising, and the ECB will be forced to bail out Italy for sure and probably several other member states after that.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, by John Zmirak.

  • Building “The Wall” would cost less than half of what we spend to educate illegal immigrants every year …
  • 62% of naturalized immigrants are for the Democrats; only 25% are for the Republicans …
  • The Founders wanted to admit only immigrants who would make a net contribution—and assimilate
  • Millions of nineteenth-century immigrants who couldn’t make it in America went back home
  • The percent of foreign-born in the United States today is the highest since World War I—and this time we’re not doing “Americanization”
  • After Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty the illegal population went from 3.2 million to 11 million
  • Eighty percent of Central American women and girls who enter the United States illegally are raped along the way
  • Non-citizens are only 9 percent of our population but 27 percent of federal prisoners

hat-tip Charles in Melbourne

Down the Memory Hole

Down the Memory Hole, by Wayne Isaac.

Gavin Long. Micah Johnson. James Hodgkinson. Frederick Scott. Emanuel Samson.

These men have something in common, dear reader. Do you know what it is? Try answering without the aid of references.

Difficult, no? How about an easier one.

Who is Dylann Roof?

You probably already have an image of him in your mind. White. Angry. Armed.

Roof, of course, is the mass murderer who killed nine blacks on a Sunday morning in June of 2015. He hoped to start a race war. Instead, Leftist activists used his act of violence as justification to remove the Confederate flag from the Civil War Memorial in front of the South Carolina capitol.

But you already knew that. The media/corporate/ideological axis of influence made sure of that. Roof’s terrorist act was the subject of innumerable thinkpieces, sermons, and national conversations about race, hate, and violence.

Orwell knew the socialist mindset well

But those first five names? You probably had to look them up. I certainly did.

Gavin Long is the black separatist who murdered three police officers and wounded three others in the wake of protests of the police shooting of Alton Sterling in 2016.

Micah Johnson is another black man who murdered five Dallas police officers and wounded nine others, also in the wake of protests over the death of Alton Sterling in 2016.

James Hodgkinson was the left-wing activist and Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer who attempted to assassinate the Republican congressional baseball team in Arlington, VA in 2017.

Fredrick Scott is the serial killer who murdered five white men on Kansas City hiking trails from 2016 to 2017. He was motivated by a desire to “kill all white people.”

Emmanuel Samson is a Sudanese migrant who murdered one woman and shot seven other worshipers in a Tennessee church service in 2017 as revenge for Dylann Roof’s mass shooting in South Carolina.

None of these men are household names. None of them sparked “national conversations” about the need to tone down anti-white or anti-conservative hatred and prejudice. No flags were removed because of their actions.

Media bias in action, controlling what we know and how issues are framed.

“Far right” cannot be right if half the country just voted for them

“Far right” cannot be right if half the country just voted for them. As noted yesterday, the media use the term “far right” to mean anyone whose policies are non-PC. They never use the term “far left”, even for Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot or Castro.

But how can Trump and Bolsonaro (Brazil’s new president) be “far right” if half of their countries voted for them in free and fair elections? “Far” hardly seems appropriate, does it? It’s just media bias.