Senator Lindsey Graham lets loose

Senator Lindsey Graham lets loose. Without his BFF John McCain around, Lindsey unleashes his beast.

The vote comes down to three or four Republican Senators, including some notable never-Trumpers. All the Democrats will vote against. With a 51-49 majority and the Vice President to break ties, the Republicans can only afford one defection.

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Confirm Brett Kavanaugh: The Judge rightly called out the politics of ‘search and destroy’

Confirm Brett Kavanaugh: The Judge rightly called out the politics of ‘search and destroy’. Today’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal.

There is still no confirming evidence beyond her own testimony, and some of what she says has been contradicted. The female friend Ms. Ford says was at the home the night of the assault says she wasn’t there. The number of people she says were there has varied from four to five and perhaps more, but every potential witness she has cited by name says he or she doesn’t recall the party.

She still can’t recall the home where the assault took place, how she got there or how she got home that evening. She has no witnesses who say she told them about the alleged assault at the time — until she first spoke of it at a couples therapy session 30 years later in 2012. Mr. Kavanaugh’s name doesn’t appear in the notes of her therapist.

As for Judge Kavanaugh, his self-defense was as powerful and emotional as the moment demanded. If he was angry at times, imagine how you would feel if you were so accused and were innocent as he says he is. To deny the allegations as he did — invoking his children and parents and so many others who know him — and be lying would mean that he is a sociopath. If he were found to be lying, he would be impeached and probably prosecuted. Nothing in his long record in public life betrays the kind of behavior he is accused of against women.

Had he not been as forceful, his opponents would have said he looked guilty. Because he called the Democrats out for their character assassination, the critics now say he lacks the right temperament. The truth is that there is no answer, and no demeanor, that Brett Kavanaugh could offer that the left would credit. Their goal isn’t the truth. They want to destroy Judge Kavanaugh.

Republican Senators turned over their questioning of Ms. Ford to a trained prosecutor from Arizona, who attempted to clarify facts and fill holes in her testimony. Democrats showed zero interest in getting any facts from Ms. Ford. They spent their question time saying they believed Ms. Ford while badgering Republican Chairman Chuck Grassley to call other witnesses.

Yet those potential witnesses have all given sworn statements to Senate staff under penalty of felony that say they don’t recall the party or the alleged assault. Hauling them before the Senate wouldn’t illuminate the truth any more than Thursday’s hearing did.

Incredibly, Democrats spent their time with Judge Kavanaugh asking about drinking games and lines in his high school yearbook.

How dare Kavanaugh get angry about having his reputation trashed! So the left switch from carping about his testimony to carping about his demeanor. So cynical.

Kavanaugh hearing runs red hot with partisan anger

Kavanaugh hearing runs red hot with partisan anger, by Matthew Daly.

A hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh devolved into a partisan fistfight Thursday …

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, called the hearing a “national disgrace,” while Texas Sen. John Cornyn said it was the most “embarrassing scandal for the U.S. Senate since the McCarthy hearings” in the 1950s.

Fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said Democrats’ treatment of Kavanaugh was the “most despicable thing” he has seen in politics. …

[Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand] and other Democrats were outraged that Republicans did not force a high school friend of Kavanaugh and other witnesses to testify under oath. Ford says Kavanaugh friend Mark Judge was present when the attack occurred. …

The charged atmosphere in the room was heightened by Kavanaugh himself, who delivered what has to rank among the most combative testimony ever heard in a congressional hearing room. …

In Kavanaugh’s angry and tearful opening statement, supporters saw an expression of the frustration Republicans have felt since Kavanaugh was nominated by President Donald Trump in July.

But Democrats said Kavanaugh’s 3 ½-hour appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee raised more questions than it answered.

Kavanaugh’s testimony “had key gaps in substance and credibility,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and his frequent, angry outbursts “raised questions about his temperament.” …

While Ford’s testimony was compelling and her countenance likable — Hatch called her “attractive” and a good witness — her testimony did not appear to dramatically alter the political dynamic on his confirmation vote. …

President Donald Trump made clear he was sticking with Kavanaugh, tweeting immediately after the hearing that Kavanaugh’s testimony was “powerful, honest and riveting.”

He called Democrats’ “search and destroy strategy” disgraceful and said the process “has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct and resist.”

Gillibrand, a longtime advocate for survivors of sexual violence, said the message Republicans were sending to sexual assault survivors — through the hearing and their support for Kavanaugh — was, “We don’t believe you, your voice doesn’t matter and we don’t value you.” …

Graham blamed Democrats for the hearing’s partisan nature, saying they sat on allegations against Kavanaugh for weeks and then sprung them on the nominee at the last minute in a desperate attempt to prevent his confirmation. …

Several women in the audience stood up when Ford finished testifying after more than four hours and said loudly, “Thank you, Dr. Ford!”

‘Men Are Trash’ vs. ‘I Stand With Brett’: Wild scene at the Capitol

‘Men Are Trash’ vs. ‘I Stand With Brett’: Wild scene at the Capitol. By Ben Schreckinger.

Outside the Dirsken Senate Office building on Thursday morning, Cameron Mixon, a 22-year-old Georgetown Law School student was sporting a tee-shirt with the slogan: “Men Are Trash.”

“I love your shirt!” one woman told Mixon. “It’s amazing,” another agreed. By 9:30 a.m., Mixon said, about 20 people had asked to take photos next to her. …

“Kava-No!” shouted the protesters who marched Thursday morning from the steps of the Supreme Court to the Dirksen Senate office building, where the target of their ire would soon face a kind of political trial. ““We believe Anita Hill! We believe Christine Ford!” …

Ford’s supporters saw not a circus but a tragic forum for an alleged sexual assault survivor to tell her story. …

Kavanaugh’s opening statement, an angry and defiant rebuttal of Ford’s accusation, drew gasps and exasperated responses from the gallery.

When he named “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” as a motive for the accusations against him, the gallery erupted with outbursts of “What?” and “Oh my god” and “seriously?”

Kavanaugh’s warning to Democrats that “What goes around comes around” drew another “Oh my god.” And when he choked up after invoking his 10-year-old daughter, one spectator cried out: “Come on.”

From there, spectators in the gallery began to greet various Kavanaugh answers with derisive laughter. …

In a hallway during a break in Ford’s testimony, one woman confronted Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the judiciary committee, and told him that she “was raped 13 years ago” and asked whether he believed her. “You needed to go to the cops. Go to the cops,” Graham said. …

Another group of protesters marched silently through the building. Some had had black tape affixed over their mouths and others held up their hands. One middle-aged woman had written, “I did not tell” in red marker on her right palm and, “I was 15” on her left palm. …

Others had come to depict Kavanaugh as the real victim. In a park near the Dirksen building, a crowd of the conservative judge’s supporters gathered for a rally. A group of young people leaving the park said they were students at Grove City College in Western Pennsylvania. The students, who declined to provide their names, said many of them were members of their school’s College Republicans group. They had left campus last night at 10 p.m. and arrived in Washington at 3 a.m. on a bus paid for, they said, by the American Conservative Union.

Kavanaugh v Blasey Ford shows Western politics at its worst

Kavanaugh v Blasey Ford shows Western politics at its worst, by Greg Sheridan.

The process demonstrates how utterly broken US politics, and Western politics generally, has become. It has become a kind of witch-burning and will damage US politics profoundly, making it even more polarised and bitter than it has been in recent years.

The Supreme Court has almost ceased being a normal court. As others have noted, it is transforming into a kind of House of Lords, with each side of politics choosing representatives on political grounds. All nominees are qualified legally, but it is their politics that gets them nominated.

This is a tragic consequence of the way judicial activism has interacted with the windy and sometimes abstract terms of the US constitution. The court rules on all sorts of issues that should be determined by legislatures. The tragically disfiguring philosophy of judicial activism means even fairly precisely worded legislation is open to radical interpretation. …

Long term, it will damage the #MeToo movement. Some Democrats have gone so far as to say that every woman who makes an allegation must be believed. Others have said that they decide on Kavanaugh’s truthfulness on the basis of everything they know about his political views. What they are really saying therefore is that the facts don’t matter. Only the political alignment of the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator matters.

This seems to be the case, given how many of these Democrats resolutely defended Bill Clinton through all the established cases of harassment and power manipulation he was involved in.

Christine Blasey Ford’s profits so far: nearly half a million dollars

Christine Blasey Ford’s profits so far: nearly half a million dollars, by Philip Greenspun.

In a quick scan of the Christine Blasey Ford testimony transcript (Washington Post), I found the following:

BROMWICH: I — I can help you with that. Both her co-counsel (ph) are doing this pro bono. We are not being paid and we have no expectation of being paid.

In other words, her legal fees and costs such as the polygraph session have been $0.

What about revenue? Just one of the cash conduits is up to $473,622 (see this gofundme page).

Your Memory Isn’t What You Think It Is

Your Memory Isn’t What You Think It Is, by Arthur Dobrin in 2013.

Daniela Schiller, of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and her former colleagues from New York University give us a new insight into the nature of memory.

Not only are our memories faulty (anyone who has uncovered old diaries knows that), but more importantly Schiller says our memories change each time they are recalled. What we recall is only a facsimile of things gone by.

Schiller says that memories are malleable constructs that are reconstructed with each recall. We all recognize that our memories are like Swiss cheese; what we now know is that they are more like processed cheese. …

One implication of Schiller’s work is that memory isn’t like a file in our brain but more like a story that is edited every time we tell it. To each re-telling there are attached emotional details. So when the story is altered feelings are also reshaped.

Schiller says, “My conclusion is that memory is what you are now. Not in pictures, not in recordings. Your memory is who you are now.” So if we tell our stories differently, the emotions that are elicited will also differ. An altered story is also an altered interior life.

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IPA Urges Rethink Of State Ownership Of The ABC

IPA Urges Rethink Of State Ownership Of The ABC, by Gideon Rozner.

Free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs has today called on the Morrison Government to privatise the ABC in light of allegations of editorial interference by ABC Chair Justin Milne. …

“Rethinking state ownership is not an ‘attack’ on the ABC, any more than privatisation was an attack on QANTAS or Telstra,” Mr Rozner said.

“Many state-owned enterprises have benefitted substantially from private ownership. This would be no different for the ABC.”

Given recent trends, it’s probably more skewed by now:

Allan Ashbolt says “Right on!”

Hating Men in a Real Life Handmaid’s Tale

Hating Men in a Real Life Handmaid’s Tale, by Daniel Greenfield.

The official outfit of the #Resistance used to be a black mask or private parts hats. Lately it’s been the pseudo-Amish outfit of an oversized bonnet and long red dress from The Handmaid’s Tale. …

You can find lefty protesters dressed like Amish prison inmates protesting the Kavanaugh hearings by looking firmly at the ground. …

The Handmaid’s Tale is to postmodern feminists what Birth of a Nation was to white nationalists. Both are fantasies by which the powerful justify their oppression by imagining themselves to be powerless.

Wealthy career women pretending that they’re slaves, staring at the ground as an aggressive protest, dressing up like nuns, the Amish or other members of religious communities that they despise, is a costuming that reveals the malicious hypocrisy of the lefty protesters, not of their conservative targets.

But The Handmaid’s Tale, a bad book, has always been tainted with pious hypocrisy and bad faith.

Margaret Atwood, its author, drew inspiration from the events of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, but she projected the treatment of women in Muslim countries on to “fundamentalist Christians” in America instead. …

The Handmaid’s Tale appropriates the suffering of women in Muslim countries and uses it to nurture the inflated sense of victimhood of American feminists without ever acknowledging the source. Not only are American feminists appropriating their suffering, but they’re exploiting it for a political cause that is supportive of the Islamic theocracies that are repressing, imprisoning and killing those women. …

If the Handmaid’s Tale protesters were serious about women’s rights, they would be protesting John Kerry’s collusion with the Iranian regime, and Obama’s illegal shipments of billions to that regime, instead of pretending that Mike Pence, who won’t even be alone with a woman who isn’t his wife, wants to stock up on concubines from the ranks of the Washington D.C. chattering classes. …

The Handmaid’s Tale outfits are the costume of a fundamentalist political sect that stigmatizes and represses an entire gender and wants to remake America into a dystopian society where masculinity is a crime and kangaroo courts punish people with no evidence but the crime of their gender.

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Conservative Brazilian Blogger Silenced by Facebook

Conservative Brazilian Blogger Silenced by Facebook. Here on the Wentworth Report we occasionally link to articles by Julio Severo, a conservative Brazilian with a religious bent who has had some interesting things to say. Today we received an email from him saying that Facebook had permanently deleted his Facebook account, in the lead up to Brazilian elections:

After months of harassment, censorship and persecution, Facebook has disabled, terminated my account ( This is part of its effort to stop conservative voices in this election. …

Facebook has been a relentless harasser of me for my conservative stances. For the last 14 months, Facebook punished me with their infamous 30-day blocks at least 5 times. …

I entered Facebook in 2009 because this was supposedly a free environment. Above all, because it is American and America traditionally personifies FREE SPEECH, especially conservative speech. Because this is an American company, not a Cuban or Saudi or North Korean company, I believed that Facebook would be capable of defending free speech for me and others. Not only has Facebook betrayed the American tradition of defending free speech, it has been the executor of harassment, censorship and persecution against my conservative and evangelical speech, giving an impression to the world that the current corporate America represents just this: harassment, censorship and persecution of conservative evangelicals. …

Original America was never against conservative and Christian speech. Original America, which was 98 percent Protestant, was never against evangelical conservative speech. …

Facebook’s censorship of conservative speech is worthy of Cuba, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, not of the America George Washington created and envisioned.

Sad. Another voice against our new globalist overlords has been muffled.

French rapper makes song about “killing all white babies and hanging their parents”

French rapper makes song about “killing all white babies and hanging their parents”.

France is so avant-garde! So diverse!

What some people in France are dreaming about:

YouTube screenshot (YouTube since suspended the video).

Meanwhile our ruling class and the media tell us how wonderful immigration is for us, that Islam is the religion of peace, and that anyone who complains is Hitler.

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If I let Islam be, Islam doesn’t let me be

If I let Islam be, Islam doesn’t let me be, by Amil Imani.

Once I left Iran, my battle with this dogma of hate and violence began. I decided to raise the clarion call about the imminent and present danger of expansionist, theocratic Islam throughout the civilized world. Having witnessed firsthand the horrors and indignity that Islamic doctrine visits on people it subjugates, I was determined to take it upon myself to do my part in defeating this ideology of oppression, hate and violence.

If Islam is not for you, then leave it and let it be, some may say. That may be the right thing to do in many situations in life — a sort of live and let live philosophy. But in this case, it is a grievous act to do so. …

Simply put, if I let Islam be, Islam doesn’t let me be. Islam doesn’t live by the same rules of reciprocity. Islam doesn’t recognize my rights and the rights of all non-Muslims. The punishment to leave Islam is death. …

The notion of apostasy in Islam is something we all need to understand. It is best understood within the overall Islamic dogma. Islam forms a binding covenant with the believer. Once a person is Muslim, he and his issue are considered Muslim forever. In this covenant, Islam promises to bestow its beneficence on the faithful, conditional on the person’s total and unquestioned surrender to it in all matters. …

Islam is on the march, and it aims to destroy anything and anyone that stands in its way. Sounding the clarion call is not Islamophobia, as many Muslims and their apologists claim. A phobia is a baseless irrational fear. Warning of the danger of Islam is based on irrefutable facts, and it is not only rational, it is ethically imperative.

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Aunty’s dropped her bloomers

Aunty’s dropped her bloomers, by The Spectator Australia.

Ms Guthrie was an ‘astonishing fail… She would not take on her role as a champion for this organisation’, Mr Faine railed.

What championing the ABC means to the likes of Mr Faine is being a staunch defender of the ABC’s shameless embrace of identity politics, promoting diversity over quality and, above all, ensuring its news and current affairs programmes are not only skewed left, but are de facto taxpayer-funded propaganda for Labor and the Greens. To the many Faines of the ABC, Ms Guthrie’s first duty was to them and their world view, not the broader values of the Australian community. …

For every conscientiously-balanced presenter like AM’s Sabra Lane and political correspondent Greg Jennett, there are far too many Faines, Probyns, Harmers, Ballards and Albericis stridently imposing their leftist activism on the rest of us who aren’t Balmain or Brunswick basket-weavers. …

The ABC charter bangs on about respecting ‘cultural diversity’, and ‘the multicultural character of the Australian community’, reflected in oh-so-PC Q&A and Drum panels. The charter, however, says nothing about respecting diversity of ideas and opinions. Hence the almost monolithic leftist mindset of the national broadcaster whereby Trump, Abbott, coal and straight white men all are evil, and conspiracy theories about a couple of billionaires deciding the fate of our democracy, complete with mocked-up ‘quotes’, are reported breathlessly as fact.

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Will Apple Break The Cell Phone Curse?

Will Apple Break The Cell Phone Curse? By First Macro Capital.

As we enter the end of final innings of the business cycle, some are calling the end of the tech bubble but what about cell phone bubble? Interestingly over the past three business cycles, we have had three very different cell phone leaders. Nokia in the 1990’s, Blackberry in the 2000’s and Apple during the 2010’s. As we enter the end of the business cycle, will Apple & Samsung be able to hold onto their dominance as we prepare for the transition of the new generation of phones?

There’s a new leader in the budget category, a leader-killer at 30% of the cost of the iPhone:

This is insightful, and true in my experience:


ABC staff in crisis talks over ‘disturbing’ allegations against chairman

ABC staff in crisis talks over ‘disturbing’ allegations against chairman, by Suzan Delibasic.

ABC staff have demanded an independent investigation into “disturbing” allegations chairman Justin Milne urged ousted managing director Michelle Guthrie to “get rid of” a high-profile journalist disliked by the Coalition government.

Hundreds of staff met at the ABC’s head office in Sydney from 1pm and agreed unanimously to call for Mr Milne to step down while an investigation is held.

“It’s very rare for ABC journalists to call an open staff meeting during their lunch breaks at very short notice,” MEAA spokesman Mark Phillips told The New Daily.

“Staff are very concerned by the disturbing reports of their chairman’s email to Michelle Guthrie urging her to sack a staff member.”

Allan Ashbolt, the Marxist who led the left’s march through the ABC, would be delighted that the staff are in control of the ABC and that the ABC is in a dominant and privileged position in Australian politics.

ABC staff in Brisbane demanded Mr Milne “immediately resign” if allegations of political interference were true.

Fairfax Media reported earlier on Wednesday that Mr Milne emailed Ms Guthrie, urging the sacking of chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici because she was disliked by the Coalition government.

Former ABC chair and managing director David Hill [who was an unsuccessful political candidate representing Labor in 1998] said Mr Milne “has to go”, saying he had “never heard anything like” the “deeply disturbing” allegations against the current chairman.

So it’s ok for the ABC to interfere constantly in Australian politics, framing issues and determining who gets seen saying what. But according to the ABC, it’s not ok for the politicians to interfere with the ABC, oh no.

Also Australian politicians must pay the ABC, out of tax revenue.

It is obvious who is in charge here. They say you know who your boss is by what you’re allowed to say, and it is perfectly clear that the ABC is in charge of politics and not the other way around.

Who elects the ABC?

UPDATE: Justin Milne resigns as ABC chairman amid growing fallout over Michelle Guthrie’s sacking. Allan Ashbolt cheers.

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