Queensland senator Fraser Anning banned from Facebook

Queensland senator Fraser Anning banned from Facebook, by Richard Ferguson.

An Australian Senator has been removed from Facebook after a litany of complaints were made about an anti-Muslim video he published.

Queensland Senator Fraser Anning had his Facebook page unpublished today …

The senator, who switched to Bob Katter’s party after originally representing Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, published a video on his social media feeds yesterday which again called for an end to Muslim immigration.

“I have been banned for highlighting issues that the major parties didn’t have the stomach for. Facebook gives no reason other than you do not meet their community standards,” Senator Anning said, issuing a media release titled ‘Senator Anning Becomes Latest Victim of the Zuck’.

Foreign interference in Australian democracy:

“Because of this in shutting down my Facebook page, a foreign corporation isn’t just shutting down free speech it is attacking Australian Democracy.”

Another day, another non-PC voice silenced.

hat-tip Stephen Neil