Kavanaugh v Blasey Ford shows Western politics at its worst

Kavanaugh v Blasey Ford shows Western politics at its worst, by Greg Sheridan.

The process demonstrates how utterly broken US politics, and Western politics generally, has become. It has become a kind of witch-burning and will damage US politics profoundly, making it even more polarised and bitter than it has been in recent years.

The Supreme Court has almost ceased being a normal court. As others have noted, it is transforming into a kind of House of Lords, with each side of politics choosing representatives on political grounds. All nominees are qualified legally, but it is their politics that gets them nominated.

This is a tragic consequence of the way judicial activism has interacted with the windy and sometimes abstract terms of the US constitution. The court rules on all sorts of issues that should be determined by legislatures. The tragically disfiguring philosophy of judicial activism means even fairly precisely worded legislation is open to radical interpretation. …

Long term, it will damage the #MeToo movement. Some Democrats have gone so far as to say that every woman who makes an allegation must be believed. Others have said that they decide on Kavanaugh’s truthfulness on the basis of everything they know about his political views. What they are really saying therefore is that the facts don’t matter. Only the political alignment of the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator matters.

This seems to be the case, given how many of these Democrats resolutely defended Bill Clinton through all the established cases of harassment and power manipulation he was involved in.