Victoria: Daniel Andrews’ free speech protection racket

Victoria: Daniel Andrews’ free speech protection racket, by Augusto Zimmermann.

The Victorian Police’s decision to issue a bill to the promoters of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux’s speech event in Melbourne is another serious sign of the decline of free speech in Australia. The event had 800 peaceful attendees on private property in a venue which regularly holds events of this size and larger without any issues. A lot of extra police resources were needed to control the violent behaviour at what would have otherwise been an entirely peaceful event.

However, when members of the extreme left resorted to violence in an attempt to prevent the event, the Victoria police issued a $68,000 bill not to the violent and rioting protesters, but to the organisers of a peaceful speaking engagement. Rather than prosecuting the violent protestors, Victoria Police Commissioner decided to punish the victims by issuing a $68,000 bill to its promoters, to keep a premeditated violent mob at bay. …

Bureaucrats connive with the PC demonstrators:

One of the groups that threatened patrons attending that speaking event call themselves ‘Yard’, or ‘Yelling at Racist Dogs’. A post on the groups Facebook warns: ‘What we do at YARD is stand at outside events like this and hurl personal abuse at you while you’re in the queue. We will individually attack you for your beliefs, appearance, clothing, and anything else out-of-the-ordinary. … The abuse is individual – you will be the target’, they added.

Surely protecting innocent people from violence is the core duty of the police. …

In December 2017 the police were reportedly called to contain protestors outside a Melbourne event featuring Milo Yiannopulous. Riot police stormed the protest and used pepper spray to subdue the violent protesters.

Remarkably, Victorian Policy Minister, Lisa Neville, said the police would be billing the organisers of the event up to $50,000 for the cost of police resources, used after violent left-wing protestors attacked people outside the Melbourne Pavilion in Kensington at the Yiannopulous event.

Ms Neville now says the Victorian government will be taking legal action because the organisers still have not paid the outrageously expensive bill after they were ordered to do so by police.

There is no freedom of speech in Victoria. (Are you allowed to say that in Victoria?)

That is the behaviour of the police in communist dictatorships, not a free society.

In China, the Communist government used to bill the family of the person they executed the price of the bullet. Classy, but possibly inspirational for the Victorian bureaucracy.

The demonstrators are well aware that they are punishing the organizers with costs, just by turning up. Watch this:

hat-tip Stephen Neil