Don’t Be Fooled: Stopping Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Has Everything to Do With Abortion

Don’t Be Fooled: Stopping Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Has Everything to Do With Abortion, by Kimberly Ross.

No matter who was chosen from the shortlist prepared by the Trump administration, they were certain to face fierce opposition from fanatical, abortion-loving feminists whose sole goal is to make sure the “right” to end unborn life remains accessible. …

I think it’s fair to say that everyone seems extremely invested in the Kavanaugh confirmation. …

We see it in the costumed displays from the handmaidens as they silently protest in their red capes and white bonnets.

We saw it before September 4th, when Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and others engaged in fear-mongering to drive a “Kavanaugh is anti-woman!” narrative.

We saw it during the actual hearings, as emotional, 3rd-wave feminists and their beta male allies thrashed about the chamber, yelling their concerns and frantically trying to protect Roe.

We saw it in the purposely misleading video, promoted by Senator Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and others, that was edited to make it look as if Judge Brett Kavanaugh believes all contraception is abortion-inducing.

The ends justify the means, eh Comrade?

The abortion laws in the US were legislated from the Supreme Court, which is quite illegitimate. No matter your views on abortion, the abortion laws would better be decided by the people or their elected representatives — then they would be legitimate. Doubtless some US states would allow abortion, while others would outlaw it. So be it. But to usurp the Constitution — to cheat — is harmful for everyone in the long run.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific