Australia needs to develop nuclear weapons and stop ‘vilifying’ Russia, says Liberal candidate

Australia needs to develop nuclear weapons and stop ‘vilifying’ Russia, says Liberal candidate. By Jared Owens.

Australia should consider developing nuclear weapons to deter Chinese aggression, according to an aspiring Liberal senator who has also urged the nation to stop “vilifying” Russia and forge new friendship with Moscow.

Queenslander Gerard Rennick, 47, who holds the winnable third position on the Liberal Nationals’ upper-house ballot paper, has also espoused a “protectionist nationalist” economic policy that would inflict higher taxes on profits sent offshore. …

“It goes back to Machiavelli’s The Prince. He said ‘never rely on mercenaries’, but we rely on mercenaries for capital, we rely on them for labour and we effectively rely on them for defence in the ANZUS treaty.

“Projectiles are the answer to our defence, not mano a mano, because we’re outnumbered by China.”

Mr Rennick, a self-described Russophile, said Australians should remember the Russians’ sacrifices to defend Europe in World War Two and the Napoleonic Wars.

“I hate it when we vilify the Russians because they’ve always been an ally of ours. Going forward they will be one of our key allies in terms of standing up to China,” he said.

“They don’t want to be hated. I mean, they’re part of the West: they drink, they’re Christians, they play soccer, they’re caucasians, they have very similar customs and values to us.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil