Why a Former “The Young Turks” Host Left the Left

Why a Former “The Young Turks” Host Left the Left, by Brandon Morse.

Dave Rubin was everything the left wanted. He was articulate, intellectual, and, likely most importantly for them in this day and age, gay. He was the host on The Young Turks channel on YouTube and followed the party line pretty closely.

After a while, Rubin splintered off and began to host his own show, The Rubin Report. It was there that one day he had on a guest that would begin his journey away from the left and toward the right.

According to Rubin, radio show host Larry Elder of the Larry Elder Show beat him over the head with one fact after another, which jolted Rubin. As he tells Reason’s John Stossel, “I woke up.”

After that, with every right-of-center guest, Rubin learned a little more and before he knew it, he was no longer a leftist. Rubin began expressing opinions that ran afoul of his former fandom, causing even those friends he had at The Young Turks to turn against him and insult him on their show. …

But it doesn’t just stop at angry social justice warriors on campus. Rubin has, on many occasions, found himself being punished by YouTube for stepping out of line. …

Rubin’s videos are often demonetized for odd reasons, and one day Rubin decided to conduct an experiment to see if the demonetizations were due to YouTube’s blatantly left-leaning bias. He created two videos, one simply titled “Socialism Isn’t Cool,” and the other titled “Capitalism Isn’t Cool.”

Within moments of his anti-socialism video going up, YouTube hit it with demonetization. The fake anti-capitalist video, however, stayed monetized without interruption.

Rubin’s observation that the left punishes for ideological waywardness has been reinforced time and again by everything from his campus tours to YouTube’s money system. …

The bubble of PC fantasies can be burst by facts, but it is hard:

Rubin’s is a story that is important in this day and age. It shows what could happen to someone if they’re exposed to ideas outside the leftist bubble, and are willing enough to not only listen but analyze and consider. Rubin was a leftist’s leftist. Now he shuns the bubble he used to reside in.

No wonder the left works so hard to prevent their voters from hearing certain facts.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific