The Ravages of Leftist Thought Control

The Ravages of Leftist Thought Control, by Michael Cutler.

Americans have foolishly come to blame the widespread censorship of language as examples of “Political Correctness.” This is a dangerous notion. Political Correctness (PC) was originally sold to Americans as a way of being polite by not using insulting or humiliating language.

However, this has now morphed into a means of thought control through the control of language.

Humans think with words. When you eliminate words, you eliminate the thoughts that the words represent. All that is required is that a term, such as “alien” be branded “hate speech” by an unknown arbiter of language, and it is scrubbed from the vernacular.

There is absolutely nothing fair or compassionate about this. … It is easier to promote bad ideas when there are no alternatives.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific