Blasey-Ford’s High School Yearbooks Brag of Drunken Promiscuity, ’54 Sex Partners Before College’

Blasey-Ford’s High School Yearbooks Brag of Drunken Promiscuity, ’54 Sex Partners Before College’, by Shad Olson.

They didn’t quite get it all scrubbed from cyberspace quickly enough. High School yearbooks from Holton Arms preparatory school (Bethesda, Maryland, 1982-1985) purportedly show Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey-Ford as a wild party girl in a wild party era, with yearbook passages by classmates bragging of spending the night with adult men during “Beach Week” and enjoying male strippers in G-strings for “Sweet 16” birthday parties. …

The inevitable levy break of background information allegedly reveals Christine Blasey-Ford as a prolific high school party girl who is alleged to have bragged to a friend of having 54 sexual partners prior to college. If true, the emergence of five high school yearbooks from exclusive college preparatory school, Holton Arms (Bethesda, Maryland) destroys Blasey-Ford’s self portrayal as an innocent coed “church mouse” taken advantage of by an aggressive sexual predator. …

It’s not clear who began redacting the photos and entries and who spearheaded the scrubbing operation that became a race against independent outlets who snapped up the photos as soon as they became public knowledge.

What is known is that Blasey-Ford avoided public revelation of her accusations until the conclusion of Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and now, shows no interest in meeting a Friday deadline to testify under oath to her allegation of sexual assault against him, which in context, even if it were true, seems one of the tamer things that might ever happened in her high school career in what public yearbook accounts reveal as a WASP-ish, elitist East Coast, upper crust bacchanal scene in the 1980’s.

This is so funny. The slut is accusing the virgin of a minor sexual indiscretion, 36 years earlier, with no witnesses or even under oath, to deny him an important political post!

Even funnier: the left is spinning this as a brave choice between supporting women and making up for the centuries — millennia — of unfair treatment of women, or not believing survivors. Sure.


Why haven’t I heard of this before? Looks to me like there has been a coordinated plan to keep this information hidden. Twitter wouldn’t let me post a link to that blog post/article.