Defiant May warns Corbyn meddling will send talks ‘back to square one’

Defiant May warns Corbyn meddling will send talks ‘back to square one’, by Kate Devlin.

She accused Mr Corbyn, as well as Liberal Democrat and SNP politicians, of “trying to thwart Brexit at every step and seeking to exploit this moment for political gain”, adding: “Some are now openly advocating a second referendum and extending Article 50 to delay Brexit, sending us right back to square one.” …

Her words came after she was “ambushed” at the Salzburg conference on Thursday, with EU leaders rejecting her proposals at the eleventh hour. …

She also accused French president Emmanuel Macron of being patronising in his dismissal of Brexit voters. …

For centuries England’s guiding foreign policy has been to prevent a single power from dominating Europe. Their worst nightmare has been realized, snuck upon them as a “free trade agreement” that somehow meant they were governed from, of all places, Brussels. No more, perhaps:

Mrs Villiers is one of several Brexiteers who has called on her to dump Chequers and adopt a Canada-style free trade agreement.

Tomorrow a report backed by former Brexit secretary David Davis will set out how that could work.

Yesterday he told a Leave Means Leave campaign in Bolton: “If EU leaders think they can bully this country, I suggest they read some history books.”

Sources said former foreign secretary Boris Johnson was also “supportive of the aims” of the Davis backed plan, which will be published by the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Number 10 has insisted the Canada idea fails to solve the problem of the Northern Irish border or of factories which rely on prompt delivery of parts from the rest of Europe.