One in three U.S. households faces a challenge in meeting energy needs

One in three U.S. households faces a challenge in meeting energy needs, by the US Energy Information Administration.

Nearly one-third of U.S. households (31%) reported facing a challenge in paying energy bills or sustaining adequate heating and cooling in their homes in 2015.

According to the most recent results from EIA’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS), about one in five households reported reducing or forgoing necessities such as food and medicine to pay an energy bill, and 14% reported receiving a disconnection notice for energy service.

Households may also use less energy than they would prefer; 11% of households surveyed reported keeping their home at an unhealthy or unsafe temperature.

Belief in the carbon dioxide theory of global warming has caused electricity prices to triple in the last decade. The aim is to use higher prices to lower consumption, while transitioning to renewables that cost a lot more.

When it becomes widely known that the theory was based on a modeling error made in the 1960s, and that our ruling class did no due diligence, there might be hell to pay.