How I was hounded off campus for saying ‘women don’t have penises’

How I was hounded off campus for saying ‘women don’t have penises’, by Angelos Sofocleous.

What harm can it do saying that women don’t have penises? Quite a lot, actually, if my experience is anything to go on. After sharing a statement with that message on Twitter, along with a screenshot from a Spectator article, the backlash was swift.

Less than a month after sending that tweet, I had lost my position as president-elect of Humanist Students as well as my role as assistant editor of Durham University’s philosophy society’s undergraduate journal, Critique. I was also given the boot as co-editor-in-chief of Durham University’s online student magazine, the Bubble. All for saying something that many people would surely agree with.

The reaction against me was extreme, yet it was far from exceptional. On campus, the subject of gender is now off limits for those who fail to fall into line with the new orthodoxy: that being a man or a woman is fluid. Anyone who says otherwise is liable to find themselves hounded into silence.

It’s cultural war, and they are indoctrinating our kids with nonsense for their own political advantage.

Did Jane Austen have a penis? Did any women have penises back then? When exactly did this nonsense start?

hat-tip Stephen Neil