US ‘Walk Away’ Founder On Media Bias and Lies

US ‘Walk Away’ Founder On Media Bias and Lies, by Joanne Nova.

1:30 — He voted for Hilary and was in tears that Trump won, but someone showed him a YouTube compilation of how the media had taken moments out of context … and he realized how the media had been incredibly dishonest. How they had selectively deleted the blacks who support Trump and crafted this image of a bigot and racist.

3:30 — He was refused service at a shop because he was “alt right”. He shook…. these people had all his details, what was next?

5:00 — He’s gay, he warns the LGBT and minorities that the Democrats are not helping them but using them…

Naturally Australia copies the trend, with the ABC leading the way.

Commenter KMusic Forever:

The left intimidates people just like the Nazis did to Jewish business owners in the 1930’s. They’re National Socialists, pure and simple. Use intimidating tactics like threats of lawsuits and even violence to create a climate of fear and dominance.

Anti-white racism is shaping up as the new antisemitism.