Accusation Against Kavanaugh Is Exactly Why Men Should Be Leery of #MeToo Movement

Accusation Against Kavanaugh Is Exactly Why Men Should Be Leery of #MeToo Movement, by John Hawkins.

One of the tricks liberals love most is taking something that is as close to universally despised as humanly possible, like racism, police shooting innocent people, or rape, and then declaring that they are bravely against it while their opponents are for it.

To provide evidence for their gaslighting, they redefine the terms they’re discussing in the most dubious and polarizing ways imaginable. “Oh, you’re against disrespecting the flag?” Then you must want black men to be shot by the police! “Oh, you’re not in favor of tearing down historical statues because the owners had slaves?” Then you must hate black people! “Oh, you don’t believe EVERY rape accusation made against a man?” Then you must be pro-rape.

This last one is the bizarre juncture that the borderline hysterical #MeToo movement has now reached. To the #MeToo movement, no evidence seems to be required other than an accusation.

We saw this with Aziz Ansari. He was expected to retire from public life based on nothing more than an anonymous account of a bad date where he was pushy about having sex after a woman he just met gave him oral sex five minutes after she walked into his apartment for the first time.

I’m not crying any tears over Al Franken being pushed out of the Senate by Democrats, but resigning from his seat because he pretended to grope a woman’s breasts as a bad joke is ridiculous.

However, the latest debacle with Brett Kavanaugh is the worst nightmare of men who are concerned about the #MeToo movement. …

Are men innocent until proven guilty or just innocent until accused?

Stephen Green:

Don’t be silly, John — men are guilty until proven guiltier.