The Dumbest Political Controversy of My Lifetime

The Dumbest Political Controversy of My Lifetime, by John Hinderaker.

Ford doesn’t know when the non-criminal incident happened, or where. She has identified one witness, who says her story is “nuts.” Ford went 36 years before mentioning the name of Brett Kavanaugh, whom, as far as we know, she has never met.

If her fabricated allegation is enough to derail a nomination, then no Republican can ever again be nominated to a federal post without Democratic Party consent. The Democrats will have an absolute veto power, since there can hardly be a weaker obstacle to confirmation than the one raised by Ms. Ford’s 36-years-late teenage allegation.

The mystery is why Ms. Ford’s pitiful effort on behalf of her party has erected a roadblock to Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Republicans ostensibly control the Senate, and Ford’s unsubstantiated claims are ridiculous. Why haven’t the Republicans simply moved ahead with Kavanaugh’s confirmation? Why are some Washington Republicans so fearful and so ineffective? Senate Republicans had better confirm Kavanaugh promptly, or a huge number of Republican activists — like me — will conclude that the DC version of the party is utterly worthless.