Smearing Barnaby with tears

Smearing Barnaby with tears, by Andrew Bolt.

BARNABY Joyce is just the latest victim of a devastating new form of denunciation — particularly of men.

On Tuesday, the former Nationals leader was accused on the ABC of sexually harassing a woman in a way so “traumatic” that she later “burst into tears” and “couldn’t sleep for a week”. When this “terrified” woman later told her friends, they were “absolutely shocked”. …

This accusation, made by West Australian businesswoman Catherine Marriott, was aired publicly without a single detail of what allegedly occurred. Neither Marriott nor the ABC would describe what kind of harassment they were talking about so you could know where it fitted on the vast scale from an innocuous wink to a rape. No detail was given that Joyce could then rebut or put in context.

The ABC audience was asked, instead, to judge by Marriott’s subjective feelings, not any objective facts: “(After the incident) I walked up to my hotel room and I burst into tears. I then couldn’t sleep that whole night. I didn’t actually sleep for a week.”

But how could anyone judge if Marriott was indeed the victim of something serious, or was wildly overreacting?

Joyce, himself, “absolutely denies” any misbehaviour and denounces the allegations as “spurious and defamatory”.

Only non-PC men get this treatment, of course. Remember Bill Clinton?

Selectivity is the key for the left: selective reporting, selective outrage, and selective enforcement of laws.