Why I Stopped Reading Playboy for the Articles

Why I Stopped Reading Playboy for the Articles, by Ryan Girdusky.

Last week, Playboy announced that it was cutting costs and moving from six issues a year down to just four. The magazine’s decline is partly due to the condition of the publishing industry, as well as the fact that print is no longer the primary medium people use to view pornography.

But there’s another problem at work: Playboy, like most men’s magazines, no longer caters to most men. …

Though it was famous for the pornography, Playboy also offered ideas, interviews, and opinions that were at the very least thought-provoking to a large number of heterosexual men. All of that is gone now.

A perfect example of the new Playboy was its “Freedom Issue,” published right before the 2016 election. The writers featured included TV host Chelsea Handler discussing abortion, Patton Oswalt on “the freedom to make mistakes,” Wiz Khalifa on police brutality and marijuana legalization, and Killer Mike on minority voting. Adding to this lineup of intellectual lightweights was a conservative who wrote about how Republicans should be listening to Paul Ryan, obviously someone who had his finger on the pulse of America.

Every issue has become an opportunity to prove how woke and relevant the magazine is. From having its first transgender playmate to celebrating activist and writer Noor Tagouri (popular for speaking in favor of wearing a hijab) to publishing mind-numbing articles like “5 Punk Rockers Explain Why the Alt-Right’s ‘Punk Rock Movement’ is Garbage,” Playboy has become an endless exercise in the usual boring virtue signaling. …

Lost their marbles:

Sadly, Playboy isn’t the only men’s magazine that’s fallen into this trap.

Esquire, a periodical intended for cosmopolitan men, has become an instruction manual for what social justice warriors believe men should be. The exact moment that Esquire’s editorial team lost their minds was in 2016 when they named Hillary Clinton “the sexiest woman alive.” The following year they bestowed that title on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. …

The triumph of the feminists:

The real loss can be felt in the greater culture, as men are deprived of any mainstream voice that speaks to what they are going through. Instead, Playboy, GQ, and Esquire have gone over to the feminist-approved version of masculinity where men are just progressive women with a different anatomy.

hat-tip Stephen Neil