Scott Morrison flags religious freedom laws

Scott Morrison flags religious freedom laws, by Elias Visiontay.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has raised the possibility of legislation to enshrine religious freedoms, in an interview where he called himself a “big believer” in freedom of speech. …

Responding to a question from host Paul Murray on religious freedoms, the Prime Minister said:

“I send my kids to a Christian school. I think that Christian school should be able to ensure that they can provide education consistent with the Christian faith and teachings … I don’t think that school should be told who they can and can’t employ.”

“I’ve seen where … issues of freedom of speech … have gone over the last 10 years,” he said.

“(I’m) not quite sure I’m pleased with the trajectory.”

On free speech in universities, the Prime Minister said that “there’s free speech for some and not for others … I think that’s been an issue.”

“What I’ve always noticed from the left is they are happy to have free speech so long as you agree with them but if you have a different view to them then apparently you’re a bigot.”

Why legislate for a free speech carve out for religions? Why not free speech for everyone? A special rule for “religions” will easily be exploited by the less restrained, and we all know which side of politics that currently means.

hat-tip Stephen Neil