It’s not transphobic to question transgenderism

It’s not transphobic to question transgenderism, by Lionel Shriver. The effects of PC well-described?

I cannot count the conversations conducted in recent years with reasonable, moderate people when expressing what should be reasonable, moderate views, during which my companions exhibit signs of drastic anxiety: fidgeting, darting pupils, twisting hands. The mumbling under the breath can border on unintelligible.

If we’re in public, they will look wildly around to see who might be listening. Even in private, friends and colleagues emphasise that they’re speaking off the record. These must have been the kind of uneasy, secretive exchanges whispered between folks not wholly on board with National Socialism in 1930s Berlin.

The agenda: homosexuality, then transgender, then what?

Something happened circa 2011 to 2012. It may not be a coincidence that this was also the point at which homosexuality became so broadly accepted in the West that the majority of people (even in the US) supported gay marriage. Thus advocating gay rights was no longer cutting edge. Homosexuality became a big yawn. We needed a new outré fascination.

All the comrades moved in unison, as if coordinated by some unseen hand. The BBC perhaps? (The writer is British.)

At no point during my lifetime has any fixation consumed western culture with the rapidity of our obsession with transgenderism. Documentaries flooded television schedules. Films and series suddenly had trans characters; Transparent had a trans protagonist. Publishers are now awash in manuscripts about coming out as trans and transitioning. Schools, even kindergartens, have revamped their curriculums, social services their protocols. On university campuses, it’s now routine to include one’s ‘preferred pronoun’ in class introductions. …

If you’re savvy, you’ve either exclusively talked up how bloody marvellous this all is, or you’ve kept your mouth shut. …

Why has any expression of measured concern about the phenomenon become so impossible? This cultural revolution set in so fast that few of us have caught our breaths. Trans activists, especially the male-to-female camp, have been notoriously vociferous and even physically violent towards perceived critics, making you wonder whether a little testosterone still runs in those veins.

Is PC the new Stalinism-lite?

hat-tip Stephen Neil