Australia: Sky TV the new object of the left’s ire

Australia: Sky TV the new object of the left’s ire. By Rita Panahi.

What tends to follow an outrage orgy is the ongoing online bullying of individuals, companies and their advertisers and affiliates. We’ve seen it in the US and UK and now the same strategy is being employed in Australia to intimidate and silence voices that deviate from far-Left dogma. These campaigns have succeeded in startling some companies which are suddenly inundated by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of irate complaints from aggrieved individuals.

But look a little deeper and you see that the sheer volume of numbers isn’t really what it seems. In some instances there are a few dozen individual activists behind thousands of complaints. Twitter is a boon for activists where they can create multiple accounts and amplify their protest by sending an avalanche of tweets to companies. …

Sky News is becoming a free-to-air broadcaster in eastern Australia, and does not toe the PC line. It has the potential to become the Fox network of Australia. The left is frightened it will bust their “news” monopoly:

In recent weeks a number of Australian companies including Qantas have been bombarded by thousands of complaints imploring them to pull their advertising or affiliation with Sky News Australia …

The push is on to discredit or ban Sky News. Before long you will feel like a pariah in certain circles for mentioning Sky except to disparage it.