11-Year-Old Drag Queen New Face Of Gender Bender Movement

11-Year-Old Drag Queen New Face Of Gender Bender Movement, by Brock Simmons.

Leftists are now promoting an 11-year-old boy as the new face of the LGBTQ+ movement and praising him for his daring drag queen persona, Desmond Is Amazing.

Yes Desmond, but who taught you to want this? And why?

He’s been featured in numerous stories by far left sources, such as Huffington Post, Daily Beast, NBC, and Refinery 29, as well as fashion rags Vogue, Cosmo, …

The left is promoting this kid and making it look trendy, so soon there will be lots more. The sexual predators must be rubbing their hands in antici … pation.*

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

* Rocky Horror reference