Sydney University: Feminist Brownshirts try to silence Bettina Arndt

Sydney University: Feminist Brownshirts try to silence Bettina Arndt, by Sahar Mourad.

Almost 40 students were blocking the corridors of Sydney University as they protested the talk of sex therapist Bettina Arndt.

Ms Arndt said the protesters were ‘roughing up’ people who were trying to enter her lecture and described it as ‘appalling behaviour’ as police arrived about 6pm to ease the situation. …

Ms Arndt was saying that women should be held more accountable for sexual assault crimes. She also said that … the ‘risks of being raped on campus are very low.’

In addition, … Ms Arndt claimed universities are ‘100 times safer’ for women than ‘Indigenous communities and rough neighbourhoods.’ …

She continued to advise the young men to not take the risk [of being accused of rape] and always seek the ‘enthusiastic yes’ when looking to perform any sexual activity.

Free speech for the PC, harassment for the realists.