New York: X marks the gender under birth certificate bill

New York: X marks the gender under birth certificate bill, by Jillian Jorgensen.

New Yorkers who do not identify as male or female will be able to change their birth certificates and select a third option — X — under a bill passed by the City Council Wednesday and expected to be signed into law by Mayor de Blasio.

The legislation will also mean New Yorkers can change the gender on their birth certificate without a doctor’s sign-off — instead, they will be able to self-attest to their gender identity.

The X option is aimed at recognizing New Yorkers who identify as gender non-conforming or nonbinary, meaning they can have multiple genders or none at all. …

“This proposal will allow transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers to live with the dignity and respect they deserve, and make our City fairer,” de Blasio said in June. …

Until 2014, New Yorkers needed to show proof they were undergoing hormone treatment or were getting sex-change surgery in order to change the gender on their birth certificate.

How trendy and progressive!

Funny how some tiny proportion of 1% of the population are getting so much attention, yet the majority who are deplorable are invisible in the mass media (except occasionally as the butt of jokes or as hate figures).