Swedish election: deadlock as far right makes gains

Swedish election: deadlock as far right makes gains, by Kate Lyons.

  • With more than 99% of the vote counted, the centre-left bloc is sitting on 40.6% and the centre-right on 40.2%.
  • Analysts predict long negotiations, potentially taking weeks, will be needed to create a majority or a plausible minority government
  • The populist, anti-immigrant party Sweden Democrats won 17.6% of the vote, up on the 12.9% it scored in 2014, but well below the 25% predicted in some polls.

Malmö digests Swedish election result, by Richard Orange.

Dragan Pau, 64, a builder taking a break from renovating a nearby apartment, said he doubted his party, the far-right, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, had won the influence it had hoped for.

“In Sweden we live in a false dictatorship because none of the other parties will ever let the Sweden Democrats have any power,” he said, as his colleague Adin shook his head in amused disagreement. “It’s going to be the same politics, nothing’s going to change.” …

Adin, who did not vote despite being eligible to do so, said he had the opposite concern, that the Sweden Democrats would in fact gain influence. “It’s not good that the Sweden Democrats have gone up so much, it’s not good for us immigrants,” he said. ..

At any rate, [said Daniel Misik], it was time for Sweden’s political parties to bring an end to their refusal to negotiate and form deals with the Sweden Democrats.

“The Sweden Democrats got almost 18%. The other parties can’t ignore them any more,” he said. “Whether they like them or not, they must sit down and talk to them.”

From a Swedish reader (who no longer lives in Sweden):

The Communists and the Social Democrats (Labor) did much better than had been forecast by polls this summer. Thanks to the unusually hot and dry summer, the Swedish State media and other MSM could play the climate spin, in a way not seen since elections 1988. It was an tsunami of propaganda about the danger of climate change.

The immigration and health care issues driven by the SD were blacked out. In the media the SD was always called “the party with Nazi roots,” even if it was founded 1988.

The Social Democrats also spread a lot of false information about the Moderates and SD in different Arabic and Turkish sites on social media. For example, they clamed the Moderates would ban mosques and take children away from Moslem parents to give them a secular upbringing.

Why leftists love third world immigrants:

In Alby, a suburb to Stockholm, it was proven on film that there was vote buying, with block postal voting arranged at the Friday prayers. Similar what happened in England under Blair.

In certain areas in Stockholm with many immigrants from the Middle East, the Social democrats/ communist got 90 % of votes.


The Center block, led by the Moderates, made a weak showing, tied up before the elections by saying they would not, under any circumstances, cooperate with the SD.

The non socialist parties got 58% of votes. It is very probable that the Social Democrats will continue in government with the support of the Communists and Greens. That will mean higher taxes and more regulations, thanks to the stupidity of the Alliance leaders.

I am happy to have left Sweden 20 years ago.