Serena Williams cartoon: Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight under fire from the PC mob

Serena Williams cartoon: Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight under fire from the PC mob. By Tom Crystal.

A cartoon by the Herald Sun’s Mark Knight depicting Serena Williams’s US Open meltdown has sparked outrage, amid claims it’s racist and sexist. …

The cartoon drew condemnation from Twitter users ranging from Harry Potter author JK Rowling, Australian NBA star Ben Simmons and Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

Knight was accused of rehashing racist stereotypes of the infamous Jim Crow caricatures of the early 20th century.

Rubbish. Check it out:

The usual selective outrage, easily exposed:

Mob pressure from the people who fancy themselves as “lovers not haters” and “more compassionate”:

Knight said he’d been inundated since tweeting the cartoon late last night.

“Off it went and nothing more thought of it … my phone has just melted and the world’s gone crazy. I never thought I’d be trolled by JK Rowling.

“I didn’t look at all that stuff, I just turned my phone off … it’s like a rolling thunder, until it turns into a tornado of false accusations and stuff that aren’t there.

“What they are seeing now is sheer make-believe, they are seeing things that aren’t there.

My wife and children are copping threats and insults on their Instagram accounts. I’ve tried to reply to these people but they just won’t listen … I’m not racist, the week before I did a cartoon on the death of Aretha … some days you’re a hero, some days you’re a pariah.”

Only criticism of white men is allowed by the new religion, whose adherents pride themselves on being not sexist and not racist:

“I think these days … you can’t criticise minority groups these days for poor behaviour, you just can’t go there,” he said, “but I’m a cartoonist and I comment on all topics because the Herald Sun is a broad church.

“I can’t say to myself, in all honesty, that some areas are off limits … we talk about free speech these days but on social media, it seems it means nothing.”

After that painful experience, this cartoonist probably won’t dare contradict PC again. Lesson learned.