Men needn’t make way for worthy women to succeed

Men needn’t make way for worthy women to succeed, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Genuine sexism happened on Monday afternoon when frontrunner Andrew Bragg, a very good candidate for Liberal preselection in Wentworth, pulled out of the race because he thinks a woman should be appointed. “My withdrawal can pave the way,” he said. …

How condescending if Bragg thinks the only way a woman can win preselection is for a qualified man to step aside. More likely Bragg has been leaned on with promises of a quid pro quo somewhere else. And the leaning has likely come from women. Who says that women aren’t every bit as capable of bullying? There are leaks, too, of polls showing that only a woman will win the seat for the Liberals. What, any random woman? Does qualification matter any more?

Bragg’s exit marks the formal dumbing down of the Liberal Par­ty, where merit has been set aside in favour of having the right set of chromosomes.

The Australian Liberal Party has become overtly sexist, in other words — discriminating between people on the basis of their sex in an area other than reproduction. Like the Labor Party went, 25 years ago.

hat-tip Stephen Neil