U.S. Stuck With Racial Division

Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality, by Lance Welton. Warning: off-the-charts politically incorrect content.

America’s Ruling Class has a schizophrenic attitude towards race. If you want to talk about issues like crime or immigration, then “race” is a social construct with no biological basis and if you disagree then you’re worse than Hitler. However, when it comes to Affirmative Action, or noticing that minorities disproportionately suffer from certain congenital illnesses, then “race” magically becomes both biological and painfully real. …

In his soon-to-be-published book, Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality, British psychologist Professor Richard Lynn sets out a huge body of data implying that US race categories are simply not fit for purpose.

A “race”, he tells us, is a breeding population separated long enough from another breeding population to have adapted to a different ecology, leading to consistent differences in average gene frequencies between the populations. This is important because, as Lynn shows, “race”, therefore, expresses itself in consistent interrelated physical and mental differences, which tend to differ in the same direction because they are adaptations to distinct environments. Thus, different races have different genetic disease profiles, different dominant blood groups, different average IQ, and different modal personalities. …

Lynn’s book demonstrates that these races differ in something as important as as average level of psychopathic personality; a condition defined by reckless behaviour, criminality, impulsivity, cheating, marital breakdown, selfishness and lack of empathy.

Australian Aborigines 62 6.0
Sub-Saharan Africans 70 7.5
New Zealand Maori 84 5.9
Native Americans in USA 86 2.2
Indian sub-continent in Britain 92 1.0
Europeans 100 1.0
Northeast Asians in Britain 105 0.7

That explains a lot, but it’s politically incorrect to notice those differences.

Remember, these are averages of large groups of people and there are large spreads within every group.