Nigel Farage grows flustered, stalks out of interview when questioned about the jihad threat

Nigel Farage grows flustered, stalks out of interview when questioned about the jihad threat, by Robert Spencer.

Australian human rights activist Avi Yemini interviews Nigel Farage and [who?] reveals his abject ignorance of Islam and the jihad threat.

Note Farage’s absurd moral equivalence in claiming that the Old Testament is incompatible with Western values in the same way that the Qur’an is. The difference is that the Old Testament has been part of Western culture since there has been a Western culture. Interpretative traditions are mainstream in Judaism and Christianity that mitigate its violent passages and other aspects that are not in accord with modern understandings of human rights. There is no such tradition in Islam.

Farage insists that the vast majority of Muslims are assimilating and accepting Western values; he doesn’t have, however, any coherent idea of how to deal with those who aren’t.

Farage makes the familiar conflation of Islam and Muslims, arguing that if one finds any problem with Islamic texts and teachings, one is condemning all Muslims. There is no reason why that should be so, and if he would foreclose upon any discussion of the motivating ideology behind jihad terror and Sharia oppression, how can he confront them?

Farage insists that we must not think that we are at war with the entire religion. But what, Mr. Farage, are we to think about the Muslims who consider themselves and their religion to be at war with us?

At least some people are talking about this vital issue — which wouldn’t be so vital if we went back to having relatively homogeneous countries with borders, so culturally incompatible peoples can live harmoniously in this world without forcing themselves on each other. Borders are an effective solution to an age-old problem, but the globalists cannot resist tearing them down in their ambitious push for supremacy.

hat-tip Stephen Neil