Steve Bannon backlash as Four Corners interview splits the ABC

Steve Bannon backlash as Four Corners interview splits the ABC, by Amanda Meade.

The Four Corners interview with Steve Bannon this week has caused a deep rift at the ABC between those who believe holding figures like Bannon to account is exactly what the flagship program should be doing and those who are unhappy the former White House adviser and Breitbart editor was given an ABC platform.

Those in the first camp include, of course, the interviewer, Sarah Ferguson, and her executive producer, Sally Neighbour, and established ABC stars Leigh Sales and Virginia Trioli.

Those in the other camp tend to be the younger, more ethnically diverse journalists including ABC Life’s Osman Faruqi and digital news producer Jennine Khalik.

Andrew Bolt:

Note that everyone on this allegedly unbiased ABC starts agrees that Bannon is bad. So much for diversity of thought on this taxpayer-funded broadcaster. …

Does Faruqi realise that by claiming to the representative of “people of colour” that he associates such POCs with intolerance and censorship, thus feeding exactly the suspicions he decries? If his kind of views truly are what we get by hiring more such “POC” on the ABC, then tremble for the ABC, which I presume may just as well become an arm of Al Jazeera …

People of prejudice more like.